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“Change is good,” she said…

Have you ever had something happen that you weren’t expecting and just turned your life upside down?

Such as losing a big client, getting injured, getting sick, or maybe something happened to a family member.

One thing I know — change is just hard, and actually, I’d dare to say, in all honesty – change just sucks…

When things happen, you share it with your close circle of supportive people, right?

So when I did, that’s when she said — “Change is good.” And then rattled on why…

Well, depending on where you are in the process of acceptance, you may want to hug or throttle that person like I wanted to.

So if you’re in the throws of holiday madness, take a minute to keep reading. This will help you breathe a sigh of relief… promise.

When change happens, it’s about looking at it openly and honestly. Using R.A.I.N. will help.

Then take some time to process and work through the change.

When you are ready – take that next step of shifting your perspective and seeing how this change can be a good thing….

What’s interesting is when things stay the same, and you coast along and think all is well. This is when you end up getting scotoma and could be blinded by things you do on a rote basis.

You don’t see things anymore from a broader perspective. They simply become the fabric of your life.

Plus, you might not see the toll things are taking on you… or how things might be piling up.

It was interesting after my dog died, how everything just stopped and felt like it was standing still.

I remember the first morning. I didn’t have to jump out of bed like I usually do and throw my clothes on to get her outside so she wouldn’t have an accident.

I could stay in bed for a few more minutes and simply relax and start to think about getting ready for my day. It was a happy/sad moment, and I cried because I missed her so much.

Then when it was time to walk my other dog, Emma, I noticed it took mere seconds to get the leash on and head out of the door.

When I walked both dogs, I had to put Lily’s hip support system on her, which took some time, then get leashes on both dogs, which took a bunch more time…

After we got home from the walk, it was time to feed Emma, which took mere minutes.

When it was both dogs, it took a lot of time to prepare Lily’s food and all the medications she was on.

Wow, I realized it was all so bittersweet – having more time in the morning from not having to take care of Lily, yet, I’d still give it all up again to have her back.

What was interesting to me is that I never noticed how much time it took while I was in the midst of it – waking up, letting them out, walking, and feeding them.

It wasn’t until something changed, letting Lily go, that I realized it.

This got me thinking –– I wonder what else I could look at with a different lens that I could either change or appreciate more?

As you look at going into the holidays and ending 2022, here are some questions for you to ponder:

1. What part of your life can you look at from a different lens?
2. How can you change your morning or evening routine to make it more meaningful?
3. What’s something you do every day that’s taking up a lot of time that you can either ask for help or change up what you’re doing?
4. When was the last time you were aware of how much time you spent doing things like connecting with clients, making dinner for your family, shopping, and more?
5. What are you willing to do differently to add more time and less stress to your daily routines?
6. How will you ask for help?

It’s essential this time of year to practice nurturing yourself more. The holidays can be a VERY stressful time.

Especially when the family is involved. 

How will you ask for help, establish some boundaries and take time out to care for yourself?

You deserve to have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. Remember, it’s a team sport. Help is always there. Sometimes you just need to notice, shift your perspective, and ask for help.

Now I’m noticing – Christmas (If you celebrate it.) – wow – it’s coming up fast!

Some Pictures from this week. I‘m loving the winter sunrises, Emma’s cozy naps, clouds, and the frost on the leaves. And a picture of Lily and I doing our favorite thing – hiking in the woods.
image  image
image.  image
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