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The Final Fridge Adventure (Part 2)

Last week I shared with you part 1 of my spouse and I’s fridge adventure. I shared with you some insights into the first two appliance stores we perused.

And I gave you some takeaways of what to do and not do when it comes to your business and attracting clients. You can access it here.

In this blog post, I want to tell you about the third place we visited to peruse refrigerators. It was a very different experience.

This store was more of an upscale local appliance store.

We bought our washer and dryer there, so we knew they were reasonably top-notch. And we like supporting our local businesses.

As soon as we walked into the store, a salesman greeted us. The store was a huge space. It was clean, and they had many appliances and people milling about.

We explained what we were looking for and had the opposite experience of the first places we visited that I discussed in the previous post.

This salesman was the antithesis of the two earlier salesmen. He was quite overzealous. Taking us to the most expensive refrigerator they had and made all these assumptions of what he thought we wanted, like glass-covered fridge doors that don’t smear as much, special places for beverages, etc.

After listening to him for a while, I started feeling all amped up and antsy. His energy was way too hyper.

He said he would give us this “unbelievable deal” if we bought this expensive floor-model fridge. Alice and I thought we’d buy it. It was a step up, and we liked all the new features. He was laying it on thick.

We then decided to have him leave us for a few minutes to talk it over.

After we talked, it was then that I realized we needed more time to think about this decision.

It was a pricey appliance. And our current fridge was not broken. It was just too small.

Plus, the real reason we were there was to buy a smaller fridge for her family’s rental property. And he was trying to get us to buy both.

I didn’t like feeling hyped and pressured into buying this fridge because of some so-called “unbelievable deal.”

Thank goodness we allowed ourselves that time to step back a minute. High-pressure sales are no joke.

Have you ever experienced a high-pressure sales pitch before? (Think car or timeshare sales pitches – yeah, it was like that.)

When he finally came back to give us the “unbelievable deal” on the expensive floor model that was “too good to pass up,” I almost laughed out loud.

I told him that I was expecting a bit more than just $300 off, especially
because he was trying to sell us a floor model with some dings on it.

I felt kind of icky, like I was being “taken.”

Then he tried to upsell us into a gas range (that we didn’t need) and to instill fear that gas ranges will be going away in seven years…

That’s when I drew the line. And said we’re good on ranges, and we needed to go.

He did keep his word and sent us a quote. Not for the fridge we wanted. It was for the one he thought we needed to buy. 🙂

Some takeaways from this experience for your business:

1. Knowing Who Your Dream Client is – This is HUGE. You have to talk with them, ask them questions (or email them questions.) Don’t make assumptions! You have to know who they are inside and out. And if you don’t know then….

2. Ask Questions – Then Listen to Your Dream Client – If you do your homework on the first point above, it’s imperative to ask questions and THEN LISTEN. Don’t try to upsell them an expensive course, product, or service unless you’ve already established a relationship. When you ask the right questions, they will tell you what they want.

3. Don’t Use Fear – If you want to be a soulful marketer – using fear just won’t work for long-term sales. It just makes people uncomfortable, feel skeevy, and question you and your ethics. More importantly – you don’t have to use fear at all.

It’s just another form of emotional manipulation that entrepreneurs use to get what they want. You don’t have to do it! There are plenty of other ways you can get new business and get sales. (And if you need some guidance, I’m here – reach out.) Interesting Psychology Today article I found on using fear.

4. Focus on How You Want Your Dream Client’s to Feel – When they go to your website, or read your blog, your posts, or connect with you – What’s your focus? How do you want them to feel? What do you want them to walk away with? Knowing this will help guide you and be aware of the soulful experience you will want to create for them.

At the end of the day, there definitely is another way to build your business and share your goods and services with others.

And it’s NOT by using fear, high pressure, and/or emotional manipulation.

It’s about establishing a connection, building a relationship, showing your dream client that you understand them and their challenges, and sharing with them how you can help.

It’s about giving them a soulful dream client experience. 🙂

On another note: It finally stopped raining here in Northern CA for two days.

Thanks for all the inquiries about how we are fairing in the rainstorms that have wrecked a good bit of CA..

We’re VERY lucky that we moved to a house in a terrific development where there are no issues of flooding. All is well here.

Check out the latest pics of our weekly adventures:

1. Emma & Her Bear. What is it about dogs and their stuffed animals?

2. The Trail – And a nice wet sloppy trail. So glad I have my Oboz hiking shoes to keep my feet warm and dry. I love walking in the rain. 🙂

3. Emma & Her Deck – Emma loves to go on the deck and sit and watch the birds, yes, even in the rain..

4. The Santa Straggler – We finally finished packing up holiday decorations. Or so I thought. I went into the living room to look for a book, and I found Santa looking for one too! What is it about holiday decorations and finding stragglers that need to go back in the Christmas stuff box?!
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