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What do Edgar Cayce, St. Anthony & My Garbage – all have in common?

And just like that, January is taking its bow and next week is “hello February.”

Did January go by as fast for you or is it just me?

Not only did it feel like I blinked but next week is February…

There was an interesting phenomenon that happened that prompted me to write my curious subject to this email:
“What do Edgar Cayce, St. Anthony & My Garbage – all have in common?”

I read one of the best books on Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose by Mark Thurston. I mentioned him in an email back in December.

I’ve been a bit behind in writing my book reviews. My issue is I’ve read so many books and am backed up in writing my reviews.

That’s why last Friday, I finally sat down to write my review on Mark Thurston’s book.

It was going swimmingly until I needed the physical book to look at my notes for something.

Well, I searched my office three times, all my bookshelves, and every place in the house I could think of – including where I last saw the book.

The book was NOWHERE to be found.

After spending way too much time looking for it, I just gave up. It was late Friday, I was done. I needed to let go so that I’d find the book.

Then Saturday, I decided to connect with St. Anthony again (He’s the patron of lost things.) and sit quietly, letting go of all my anxiety around finding the book.

That’s when two words popped into my head “garbage can.”

During the holidays in my Covid virus stupor – there was a stack of books I wanted to review on my desk that had fallen off into my garbage can when I was trying to tidy up.

I remembered going through the garbage and taking them all out, so I thought. And then I emptied my garbage.

It was then I realized I might have thrown the book away by accident.

I didn’t bother checking my office garbage can cuz it was empty. (Or so I thought.) So I went to Amazon and put another copy in my cart.

I was resigned that I’d have to take the time to read and review it again.

Heavy sigh…

Then on Sunday, again, while I was meditating and trying not to chastise myself about that darn book, I heard “garbage can,” again.

That’s when I decided to simply go into my office and check the damn garbage can that I thought was empty.

You won’t believe this – I go look in the garbage can, and there’s a couple of papers in there and I can’t see the bottom of the can.

So I move them out of the way, and there was my book, crumpled up at the bottom!

Holy moly, that’s crazy I thought!

And then, of course, I knew – nope, it’s really not.

This is what happens when I listen to my still, small voice. I find things.

I’m pretty good at it too. 🙂 (So good others are asking me for help.)

And I think the reason is that I’ve just perfected my intuition for finding things.

I bet I could do more with my intuition, if I spent more time practicing it with other things, not just finding lost items!

What about you – when was the last time you used your intuition?

What happened?

Did it surprise you?

I’d highly recommend spending some time developing your intuition. It’s such an incredibly valuable tool that I’ve written about before.

It’s about quieting your thoughts and becoming still to listen to your inner voice. The one that’s connected to your divine guidance.

You know when it’s your intuition “talking” because it’s quiet, usually a few words, and it’s not ever emotional or negative.

It just speaks in matter-of-fact words and short phrases. Like stuff just pops into your head and you don’t know where it came from.

I actually use my intuition a lot with my clients. Especially when we have an issue that we’re trying to solve. I love it when I get these messages and it turns out it’s THE THING that will help transform their business.

Reach out if you want to discover more.

On another note – The rain has finally stopped for a while. Emma and I are really happy to go for our walks without all our rain gear.

We’re getting some pretty wonderful sunrises too, now that we don’t have a ton of clouds obscuring the view.

This Week’s Photos: The beautiful morning sunrise. Mt. Lassen with all her wonderful snow. Emma and I hanging on the deck with our new outdoor fireplace – keeping our toes and hands warm in the 40-degree weather.

image image
image image
Note 1:
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