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Marketing lessons from a popular weigh loss app

I love looking at popular brands and then breaking down their online dream client experience to see how it works. Yeah, I’m kind of geeky like that.

The fascination is not just about the how. It’s also about the who, the what, and the why too.

My recent experience is with a brand you may know of – Noom. In this blog post, I want to share with you some of my discoveries about their dream client experience and how it can help you in your business.

I’ve had many friends and colleagues who have raved about Noom for losing weight.

I remember checking it out a while back and getting the app. Yet, something held me back from engaging.

It was the quiz and the commitment to participating and spending the time. Especially when I feel like I have a good handle on my weight… (These points are very important to note for your business. Do you know the objections people have to your offers? This info is gold to your business.)

Then I had a wedding on the books this year (The one I shared pics with last month.), and things changed. I wanted to fit into a pair of pants from my wedding, which was four years ago.

Hmmm I’m gonna get a lil personal here –

They were a bit tight. 🙁

Guess that’s what happens in menopause – sheesh.

My body was putting on weight in places that were not usual for me. And all my normal ways of losing weight weren’t working.

So I turned to Noom again. It also helps when your spouse is interested in it as well. 😉

Noom is not like a traditional diet. It’s an app subscription service that’s based on encouraging people to change their behavior around eating to live a healthier life.

It was a bit cumbersome when I went through their Online Dream Client Experience. I had to answer what seemed like way too many assessment questions. They asked me so many questions to personalize my experience.

Then at the end, they try to upsell me to their programs. I was still on the fence and didn’t buy. So they sent me several emails. What was frustrating was getting their email telling me they wanted to give me a free course to try and to access it, I needed to click on the link.

When I did, it took me back to the quiz, and I had to take it again- what???

Every email was like this, even when my spouse sent me a 12-day free trial.

And every time I answered the quiz, my upsell for specific courses was different… hmmm…

I finally ended up just signing up so I could try it out for 12 days. Then, of course, after that time, they will charge my card unless I opt-out.

Even though it was a bit frustrating, the quiz part is one of the keys to the app’s success because it uses that data to create a personalized program optimized for you, including calorie count and more.

I just wish they wouldn’t give links in their emails under false pretenses – instead of the button saying, “Click here to view the free course,” then I click, and I have to answer the quiz AGAIN. Just TELL ME I need to answer those questions again to access the offer and free course.

Their initial quiz offer – upsell experience isn’t what I’d call Soulful Marketing – just tell me the truth and what I need to do, please.

The upside is what I learned through this experience. It is a very nifty app that actually works. (Despite my moaning over the quiz.)

Noom isn’t a diet as I said earlier. It’s actually a psychologically-based app. At its core, it encourages you to make daily behavioral changes to create long-term weight loss.

This is what I found fascinating. They have several short 3 – 5 minute learning modules you read daily, and you do quizzes to retain your knowledge. And it’s all about noticing your behavior around food and changing it.

I’m sharing this with you as an example of how this company created success in a niche (Weight loss) that is so overcrowded, and it created tremendous results for its customers.

It’s been around since 2008 when it started as a basic calorie and simple fitness tracker. Then in 2016, they added a behavior and psychological component with support groups and coaching.

Let’s take a look at your business and what we can learn from Noom:

1. Your Website Lead Generator Is Crucial – This is the most important asset you have to build your list of dream clients/customers. Sure, you can have a few thousand followers on social media – yet you don’t own that platform and have no control over what they do with your data, info, and their ever-changing algorithms.

Email is not dead. Look at how many people raise their hand each week/month to get your lead generator. Can you increase it? How are your stats? How many people raise their hand each week/month to get your lead generator? Is it working? Or is it time for a change and testing other lead generator ideas?

I’ve changed my lead generator at least 6 or 7 times over 16 years. Every time my business morphed, I changed it. Also, based on increasing the optins of my dream prospects. (Side note – I’m changing it again – see further down in my email for your exclusive access.)

Think about using a quiz like Noom. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be an assessment or type quiz (think personality or weight loss types) or a scored-based quiz.

Have someone on your team walk through the whole online dream client experience so you won’t have the frustrating button that says it goes to a course and it keeps going to a quiz over and over again! (Walking meticulously through online dream client experiences is one of my superpowers that I learned from doing many 7-figure launches. I found many ways to improve the dream client experience and increase sales.)

2. Your Online Dream Client/Customer Experience Matters – When it comes to your lead generator, it’s the tip of the iceberg of your online dream client experience. What I always do is figure out my whole dream client experience first. Then I work my way backward to figure out the best lead generator. There are several ways to create a successful business – This is Step 5 of my Soulful Marketing System. Like Noom – their quiz dumps you into their upsell sales sequence. And if you don’t buy, they send you several emails.

Also – You can have a completely automated online experience on your site. Or you can choose another marketing path – such as free online training where you deliver value and have an offer.

3. You Need More Than Love For Your Business – Looking at Noom, I really do believe they care with all the support and research they’ve done to customize and help transform my eating habits. You have to really care and love the people who use your products, read your book, get your lead generator, and become a client/customer.

And the way you do that is by doing your homework to understand them so that you can create things of value that they will want.

See these two links for more.
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4. Carve Out Your Uniqueness – It matters – When you know how you’re unique and different from your competition, this is how you can create success. Noom carved out its niche in the weight loss industry by being a psychologically based app to change people’s behavior around food. This is key to how they’ve created so much success. Carve out yours.

Do your homework on who your competition is in your industry. Find out where they’re lacking, what people are saying is missing, and what they want more or less of – then use that info to fuel your business. How are you unique and different? How can you carve out your unique core benefit for your business? Create a survey and send it to your list.

5. Your Business May Grow & Change – That’s a good thing. As you grow and change, so will your business. Your interests will shift and change as you grow. And that’s ok. Just like Noom started out as a calorie and exercise tracker, they’re changing behaviors around food. Embrace growth and change. When your business is aligned with your soul purpose, it may morph and change – go with it cuz it will always work out.

6. Believe In Yourself – You Are Making a Difference – Having this mindset will transform your business. Looking at Noom, they know they are changing lives with all the money they spent on research, building their personalization, and training in their app. You are making a difference too – you got this!

As always, if you want more help, reach out. I spent many years writing quizzes, and surveys, creating online dream client/customer experiences, and much more. I’m here for you.

Oh wow – it’s April already! Happy Easter – here’s to chocolate bunnies, candy eggs, and Easter egg hunts — in moderation, of course! 😉

Wow – you made it all the way down to the bottom – yay – a gift for you – My New Lead Gen!
It’s finally here, and I wanted to share it with you first before I made it live on my home page. No optin needed. The Soulful Marketing Manifesto. And thanks in advance for sending any comments, by way!

Quote I’m Pondering: “A story that resonates with one person can have the power to change the world.” ~Bernadette Jiwa, Marketing a Love Story: How to Matter to Your Customers.

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