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What do ChatGPT, virtual events, and blank screens all have in common? Hmmmm

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a live virtual 3-day event – Product Launch Formula (PLF Live).

I attended this event in person many times until the pandemic hit, and as you know – there weren’t any more in-person live events. And the people behind this event decided to keep it as a virtual event.

I get it because they never were able to get more than around 900 people in-person. Virtually at this event, they had almost 2k people attend from all over the world.

What do you think about virtual events? Have you attended a 3-day online one before?

I honestly don’t like them. The thought of being in front of my computer for that many days sounded so confining. And it kind of was. (Yet, I was only on all day Friday and a few hours on Saturday, and minimal on Sunday.)

And one of the reasons I don’t like them is because when I started out as an entrepreneur, I ended up going to at least 3 to 5 live in-person events a year.

It was always the best way to grow my business by investing in relationships with like-minded people. (And yes, since the pandemic, I’ve made some pretty terrific connections on Zoom with many people – yet it’s still not quite the same as in-person.)

I’ve met some pretty amazing people at those live in-person events that are still my good friends today.

I mean, I met a couple of people at this virtual event in breakout rooms. Yet, it certainly wasn’t the same as me being able to meet who I wanted to, not what some random Zoom room generator decided.

So here’s what ChatGPT, virtual events, and blank screens all have in common — this was the sole reason I decided to attend this virtual event —They were going to walk you through the whole launch building process using ChatGPT.

The best part was they were going to share ALL their sophisticated writing and research prompts, and I’d walk out with my plan, which I totally did —created my offer, sales pages, video scripts, and more.

Getting all those prompts will definitely help my clients (and myself) build more efficient, more engaging, and impactful launches. Now I have a more sophisticated skillset on a tool that will ultimately save us SO MUCH time.

There’s still much more to do because an AI can only do so much. It’s not me… YET.

It’s a terrific place to start —no blank screens!

If you’re not using ChatGPT, I’d highly recommend you check it out. (I’ve shared info about it in previous emails.) It’s still free, and you can use it for plenty of things, such as…

  • Generate ideas and do some brainstorming.
  • Help with identifying your dream client’s dreams, hopes, and fears.
  • Ask for it to create a travel itinerary for your next trip so you don’t miss out on seeing some sites and having some cool adventures.
  • Summarize research.
  • Create survey questions.
  • And more!

How the PLF Event was updated and rejuvenated is also insightful, especially if you have one of the resources below that you’ve done and want to promote again:

  • Product
  • Event
  • Training
  • Book
  • Services
  • Coaching Program
  • Membership

Consider adding something more current or cutting edge to the training as they did, or add it as a bonus.

Some Ideas To Keep What You’re Selling Fresh & New:

  • Update it with the latest info, research, and more in your field.
  • Start learning more about ChatGPT and sharing how it can help your dream clients.
  • Share some new examples.
  • Add updated or new case studies.
  • Create some new or updated tools and templates.
  • Add question and answer sessions.
  • Add live coaching calls.

Remember, when it comes to promoting your stuff and creating your offer, adding some type of live component will help increase your sales. Also, your price can be a bit higher cuz you are adding access to YOU, which is incredibly valuable.

You are talented, have amazing superpowers, and deserve so much success!

You got this!

Quote I’m Pondering:

Proper Attitudes can help you start recognizing the specific nature of your soul’s purpose. The best state of mind is a combination of three attitudes: patience, peace, and hope. ~ Mark Thurston, Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

Two Powerful Mantras to Inspire:

I am grateful for—— [Insert what you’re grateful for here.]

“I am successful, courageous, patient, loving, and kind.

”What I’m Reading:

Difference: The One-Page Method For Reimagining Your Business and Reinventing Your Marketing by Bernadette Jiwa

Latest Book Review:

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice For Difficult Times by Pema Chodron

Weekly Photos:

Emma, my clown dog, always surprising me – below, she’s got a chip in her mouth.

My other pics from this week – This flower petal was in the road and it looked just like a pink heart. Emma is getting lost in the weeds – all this growth from all that rain. And, of course, a pic of me and Emma – she’s a sun dog.

I love starting the day with a beautiful sunrise. Hope you have a terrific rest of your week and weekend!

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