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What I’ve learned over the many years in business working with clients is that they always come to me with something specific that they need help with.

It’s usually something like –

  • I have a book launch, I need help creating my launch plan or social media strategy and the copy for it.
  • I just launched a product and didn’t make a lot of sales. I need your help relaunching it.
  • I’ve got my site all done and my lead generator in place, and I need help getting more traffic to get more conversions…

All of these issues above have one thing in common – They all need guidance on one project or one tactic.

In my experience, I’ve found something very interesting when an entrepreneur comes to me for help with one thing — nine times out of ten; it’s not just the one thing they need help with. Or the one thing will entail lots of other things that need to be done…

That’s why I always ask more questions on our exploratory call.

When I go deeper into their business, I always find something else that’s usually the hold-up of why their having issues with launching, or want help with getting more clients, leads, and more.

Such as:

  • Why are their sales lagging?
  • Finding “gold” – The best is when I find something that’s “gold” in their business that they didn’t even realize.
  • There are bigger Issues – I find an important issue they need to resolve before we go further with the project. Such as a problem with their copy, messaging, web pages, course, or lead generator.
  • Going it alone – If they go it alone, they still need to fix it to create a successful launch. (I know a TON about backend tech that will help any entrepreneur.)

After that call, if we decide to work together, we end up creating something much more than just building their list or launching something.

I’m all about adding tons of value and overdelivering—one of the many reasons my business has sustained over 17 years.

This is definitely something you can do with your prospects and clients too.

Remember, they come to you with what they think they want or need. And nine times out of ten, it’s not that. It’s something more, or something that they didn’t even know or realize.

My goal is always to leave everyone I encounter much better than when we first met.

Next time a dream client comes to you with a problem, or challenge, or asks for help – don’t just address that. Dig deeper.

Ask lots of inquisitive questions:

  • How aligned are they with their mission and vision?
  • How much do they care about this launch, project, or what they need help with?
  • Are they doing this cuz they need money now? Or are they dedicated to their mission to help more people?

I want you to feel empowered to share with them what you see as the best opportunities and how you can help make an impact whether it’s growing their business, writing copy, helping them with their health, giving them coaching, and more…

It’s about helping them with whatever issue, challenge, or problem they came to you for.

If your dream clients aren’t entrepreneurs, you can still apply this to any other areas, such as health, wellness, coaching, and healing.

When a client comes to you with pain, always ask deeper questions to figure out the underlying issue.

Exploration and adventure are good.

You so totally got this – and I’m always here for you – send me your questions about your biggest frustrations and what you need help with – I promise I answer all my emails personally—try me! (And if you just want a list of my best questions… I will happily give them to you – just ask.)

Quote I’m Pondering:

“The best—maybe the only— real, direct measure of ‘innovation’ is change in human behavior.”

~ Stewart Butterfield, CEO Slack

Two Powerful Mantras to Inspire:

“I am Loving. I am lovable. I am Love.”

“I know my life is a great gift, and I am grateful.”

What I’m Reading:

What Customer’s Crave: How to Create a Relevant and Memorable Experience at Every Touchpoint by Nicholas J. Webb

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It was weird stormy and cold for the first couple of weeks of May. Unheard of this time of year. Usually it’s 90 degrees and we’re wearing shorts. Instead, we’re still wearing our fleece Patagonias and our rain coats. Plus, Emma got to wear hers too. You can check out my Instagram or FB pages (See links below. Or click on the photo of Emma and her raincoat and it will take you there. ) for a funny video I made of her, not liking her new raincoat.

The stormy weather, made for some amazing cloud and sky pictures. And yep, still walking in the rain, that’s when it’s the most adventurous. And some beautiful pics of our roses with a slight glistening from the rain.

And it’s not a weekly blog unless there’s another picture of Emma and me trying to get that perfect duo selfie!

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