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    5 Tips to Maximize Attending Your Next Event

    One way I’ve really been able to boost my business and get more new clients is by attending the same 3 conferences each year. Obviously there are many other benefits of attending conferences, which I will soon reveal to you.  The real key is that conferences are a great tool for networking and finding new business.  Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to people around you. It is always hard to take that first step but if you are like me, there is always someone that catches my attention and I really would like to talk to that person, ask them a question or two so just do it! And…

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    Conferences – Love Them or Loathe them

    I have had the pleasure of attending various conferences a year for the past several years. I know what you are thinking – conferences yes they are fun, great place to network and even learn some new tools to help your business. BUT, they take up so much time and all the hassles of traveling… Yes, they do have good points and as I like to think, challenging points. However, I want you to think of conferences from another point of view: How I can maximize my investment? How can I take conferences one step further and enhance my business? I have put together 12 secrets to achieving much more…

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