Copy writing is King in Business

It was only 7 years ago that I was in corporate America and my job as Director of Corporate Communications was going swimmingly well. Not only did I create the new department and run it, I was also in charge of all of our employee communications publications.  I never really thought of myself as a writer and certainly never had any dreams or aspirations to be an author or writer.  However I had been writing most of my life, albeit in a daily journey, it was still writing none-the-less.

It wasn’t until this position, where I was called upon to write on a daily basis that I truly “got” what it was like to be a writer.  The really funny irony in this story is I wrote my little heart out and I really thought my writing was pretty good. I always got great feedback from employees. But, it was my boss who always rode me very hard and actually didn’t like  my writing, so much so that she told me it had a lot to be desired.  That’s when I experienced this huge crushing sound in my head, you know the kind where you are like what, wait a minute, huh?? And her words stamped out my aspirations that I would ever be any good at writing.

Fast forward to today, when I thought about my boss eons ago and her words to me that I was not a good copy writer.  Because guess what?  I had the most awesome realization that I was doing a ton of writing in my marketing business.   And the really cool thing about it is my clients like my writing, and tell me so regularly, so gosh darn it I am a good copy writer.

So…. I realized in an interesting way that my boss was actually right. I wasn’t really all that good in my writing at that corporate job. You know why?  Because I was forced day in and day out to write “corporate speak.”  You know the words like, “On January 10, Mr. Smith attended the world day event where he spoke about how his department is successfully making widgets.”  Do you get it?  This is the kind of disconnected yucky copy I was forced to write almost each and every day!  It’s a good thing they laid me off.  I mean who knows, if I had stayed there any longer they might have squashed all of my creative ability and brain washed me of any connecting writing capability!

So the moral here is I finally recognized that I wasn’t good at corporate speak. That my forte and expertise in writing is more personal, first person and one on one writing, this is where I really excel. This is the writing I love to do, writing like I’m speaking to you over a cup of coffee.

No more beating myself up anymore… I’ve found my calling. I know I can write and I know who my audience is. So, now I can excel at one of the things I do best and discover more about this wonderful craft of communication called copy writing!

How can you excel in copy writing?  When you’re writing copy for your sales letters, web, ads, write in first person.  Write like you are talking directly to them over a cup of coffee.  Do what Dan Kennedy calls, “be a sales person in print.”  Forgo all the corporate speak.  People don’t want to relate to companies, they want to relate to PEOPLE. Hence, the more you can connect with your prospects and customers on a human interest level, the more successful you will be in your business.

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The Real Secret to Being Incredibly Successful Selling Online

I was debating back and forth whether to write about this or not because the “real” secret to being incredibly successful selling online is that it’s really NOT a secret at all!  In fact, everyone who sells online inherently knows this so called “secret,” but the real challenge is in creating it and making it happen.  So are you ready?

Here’s the secret – The real trick to being very successful in selling online is building a relationship with your prospect and customer.  That’s it.  This is the key, to create and connect on an emotional level with your prospects and customers.  And not only connecting with them, but diving deeper into the relationship by entertaining them, relating to their issues, challenges, problems on their level, and revealing some things about you as well.  And it’s also about giving them lots of value, giving them some real concrete things that will help them with their problems or what they’re struggling with.  So, secret number two is really being able to keep in touch with the pulse of your prospects and customers on what their issues and challenges are as well as what keeps them awake at night.

Now that you know the secret to successful selling online, the beauty of it is this works offline as well.  You can have a bricks and mortar business and do this too. The way you would connect and build your relationship is through various media like email, blog, and even snail mail.

The reason why so many people don’t “get” this is because it takes work to accomplish this.  It’s much easier to sit on your hands and build your widgets and sell your products and services than it is to connect with your prospects and customers on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.

And so many people get this wrong because they have confused communicating with their prospects and customers with “selling.”  Something I discovered from being a Product Launch Manager is when you are doing a launch, selling is the secondary thing that will automatically happen. IF you do your building of the relationship really well up front and offer lots of value which in turn connects you with your audience.  Many people make the mistake of sending out emails trying to sell their products and their sales fall off and even worse their audience unsubscribes to their list.  Yikes, having someone unsubscribe to your list can be difficult. I look at it on the bright side, if they unsubscribe now, that means something didn’t click with them and you and they probably never would have bought from you anyway, so it’s good their not on your list.

On the other hand, there are things you can do to ensure they don’t unsubscribe in bucket loads to your list.  Here are the 5 things you can do:

1) Make your communications as personal as you can – write to Dear Susie and write as if you’re talking to her right across the kitchen table. No corporate speak, no big fancy words, just simple and clear communication.

2) Give them something of value in every communication – Give them an idea, an example, a tool, a resource, a tip, something that can help them with their challenges, something that might make them smile, or something that might entertain them.

3) Write at least 4 or 5 communications with NO selling in it – This is really big.  No one likes to be sold to. Maybe you could put a P.S. that links to something at some point. The key: you need to build a relationship based on connecting, relating, NOT selling.  Selling will come naturally after they connect with you and like you.

4) Don’t be afraid to just be yourself – So many people make the mistake of not getting personal and not revealing things because of fear that maybe they won’t like you.  Whatever the psychology, here’s the lesson I discovered – I didn’t want to write about my dog in my newsletter because he was sick and I knew once I did, when he eventually died, I’d then have to write about it. Well my mastermind group talked me into. And I have to say, writing about my dog who I had to let go  (he was 12 yrs old and it was his time) was hard, but once I wrote about it, the responses from my clients and prospects were amazing. If you want to read about it, you can click here to download my newsletter.

5) Communicating  more is better than less – I know many will argue with me on this one mainly because many people fear if they communicate too much their audience will tune them out.  The toughest thing we need to get over is that a lot times, we’re NOT our audience.  So if you REALLY want to know what they think, ASK them. In fact I’d recommend doing a quick survey. You can get a lot of great information from your list with a survey. For more check out my new site – Remember, it’s been proven, the  more you communicate and stay in the minds of your prospects and clients, the more likely that they will buy from you.

Start taking some of these valuable tips and use them in building your relationship with your prospects and customers.  The beauty of this is when you start doing it,  I promise you will notice a change and a shift and when you go to launch your next product you will see a noticeable difference in your response.  Let me know how this works for you!

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