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Copy writing is King in Business

It was only 7 years ago that I was in corporate America and my job as Director of Corporate Communications was going swimmingly well. Not only did I create the new department and run it, I was also in charge of all of our employee communications publications.  I never really thought of myself as a writer and certainly never had any dreams or aspirations to be an author or writer.  However I had been writing most of my life, albeit in a daily journey, it was still writing none-the-less.

It wasn’t until this position, where I was called upon to write on a daily basis that I truly “got” what it was like to be a writer.  The really funny irony in this story is I wrote my little heart out and I really thought my writing was pretty good. I always got great feedback from employees. But, it was my boss who always rode me very hard and actually didn’t like  my writing, so much so that she told me it had a lot to be desired.  That’s when I experienced this huge crushing sound in my head, you know the kind where you are like what, wait a minute, huh?? And her words stamped out my aspirations that I would ever be any good at writing.

Fast forward to today, when I thought about my boss eons ago and her words to me that I was not a good copy writer.  Because guess what?  I had the most awesome realization that I was doing a ton of writing in my marketing business.   And the really cool thing about it is my clients like my writing, and tell me so regularly, so gosh darn it I am a good copy writer.

So…. I realized in an interesting way that my boss was actually right. I wasn’t really all that good in my writing at that corporate job. You know why?  Because I was forced day in and day out to write “corporate speak.”  You know the words like, “On January 10, Mr. Smith attended the world day event where he spoke about how his department is successfully making widgets.”  Do you get it?  This is the kind of disconnected yucky copy I was forced to write almost each and every day!  It’s a good thing they laid me off.  I mean who knows, if I had stayed there any longer they might have squashed all of my creative ability and brain washed me of any connecting writing capability!

So the moral here is I finally recognized that I wasn’t good at corporate speak. That my forte and expertise in writing is more personal, first person and one on one writing, this is where I really excel. This is the writing I love to do, writing like I’m speaking to you over a cup of coffee.

No more beating myself up anymore… I’ve found my calling. I know I can write and I know who my audience is. So, now I can excel at one of the things I do best and discover more about this wonderful craft of communication called copy writing!

How can you excel in copy writing?  When you’re writing copy for your sales letters, web, ads, write in first person.  Write like you are talking directly to them over a cup of coffee.  Do what Dan Kennedy calls, “be a sales person in print.”  Forgo all the corporate speak.  People don’t want to relate to companies, they want to relate to PEOPLE. Hence, the more you can connect with your prospects and customers on a human interest level, the more successful you will be in your business.

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