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    Why How People Learn is Crucial to Your Business

    In my printed newsletter from July, (If you’re not getting my FREE printed monthly newsletter, click here to sign up!) I promised you that I’d  explain the 4 Top Secret Ways in which people learn and why these are crucial to your business. Eben Pagan introduced me to these learning styles at his Guru Workshop in LA, and he got these from Dr.  Wyatt Woodsmall.  He’s a certified master trainer and master modeler in NLP and has over 25 years experience in behavior modeling and training. Discovering these styles was a fascinating revelation to me, not only because we all learn differently, but the fact that we can then use these…

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    What is Information Marketing?

    Have you ever heard of the information marketing business? It’s a fascinating space that I stumbled upon three years ago. It’s really an interesting niche market, filled with people who sell information. This isn’t any old information though. Most of these folks are amazing experts in their field and hence have created products, courses, newsletters, and membership sites to share with their clients and prospects. Why do these people get into the Information Marketing business? There are several reasons, other than the obvious one which is making a lot of money. Here are some key reasons to get into this business: 1) You don’t really need a staff in this…

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    Successful Keys to Productivity

    How can you be more productive? There are so many ways to increase your productivity. Which one to choose? Hmmm… What’s interesting to me, is my first job out of college was working in sales, out of my house. And I ended up doing that for about 10 years before I even entered an office building. I discovered some interesting things about myself and how I work. One thing: I really like my freedom of time and doing what I need to do on my own terms. And two: I’m much more productive and creative late at night. Now, these two things make it quite interesting and creative when working…

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