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Why How People Learn is Crucial to Your Business

top-secretIn my printed newsletter from July, (If you’re not getting my FREE printed monthly newsletter, click here to sign up!) I promised you that I’d  explain the 4 Top Secret Ways in which people learn and why these are crucial to your business. Eben Pagan introduced me to these learning styles at his Guru Workshop in LA, and he got these from Dr.  Wyatt Woodsmall.  He’s a certified master trainer and master modeler in NLP and has over 25 years experience in behavior modeling and training.

Discovering these styles was a fascinating revelation to me, not only Yellowface-think-main_Fullbecause we all learn differently, but the fact that we can then use these in our businesses.  This is really highly important and crucial information to you and your business, so don’t take this lightly.  You’re probably asking yourself right now, “Well why is this important to me?”  It’s important because knowing these different learning styles, you can then ensure that they are incorporated in your marketing, advertising and when you write ads, sales letters, create presentations, write a self-help book, when you coach, or even when you create information products. By using these, you”ll be reaching a lot more people because you’ll be appealing to the way they learn, read and understand information. So these are key, especially when you’re creating an information product!

Here are the 4 Ways People Learn:

  1. WHY: Why should I learn this? (1/3rd of people learn this way) These people area always  asking themselves – “why is this important to me?” They’re also asking “Why do I need to know this?” These people need to be motivated and need to know what the outcome is, what they will achieve and what challenges they will avoid by doing such and such. So, when you are thinking about your product be sure to address the – why one should be doing this.
  2. WHAT:  What am I learning? People who learn this way are abstract thinkers, and usually have a higher level of education. These people want to know the history, philosophy, psychology and even theory behind your product. They need to see the whole picture, the process, and the features in order to buy into your product. A lot of these thinkers are college professors.
  3. HOW:  What is the step by step process? These people are not concerned with the What and the Why they just want to know the the step by step process of “How” to do it. In order for them to buy in, they have to understand  “how it” works.  So give them step 1, 2 and 3 of exactly what they need to do to take advantage of your offer, or solve their problem, etc.
  4. WHAT IF:  I get it, so let’s just do it. These people are mainly entrepreneurs, they see the whole picture and what the outcome could be and want to just dive in. So, you need to give them the one thing they need to do right now.

463px-Question_mark_alternateSo how can we apply this to your business?  If your goal is to get as many people as possible to see what you have to offer, then you must appeal to the masses. And in order to do this, you need to structure all of your copy to meet the needs of every learning type. Here is why you need to do this. Here are the actions you need to take. Here is what it is. Now go and do it. So, make sure you adress these learning styles in your text, in your product, course and on your web site.  These 4 learning styles could really help you and your business, so go out now and implement them!

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