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What is Information Marketing?

ebookHave you ever heard of the information marketing business? It’s a fascinating space that I stumbled upon three years ago. It’s really an interesting niche market, filled with people who sell information. This isn’t any old information though. Most of these folks are amazing experts in their field and hence have created products, courses, newsletters, and membership sites to share with their clients and prospects.

Why do these people get into the Information Marketing business?

There are several reasons, other than the obvious one which is making a lot of money. Here are some key reasons to get into this business:

1) You don’t really need a staff in this kind of business

2) Not a whole lot money needs to be tied up into inventory

3) People who buy your products will more than often buy more if they like what they see

5) If done right, you are truly able to multiply and leverage what you know

6) And of course – making oodles of money!!

What’s stopping you from getting into the information marketing business? Or have you made up your mind to get into this business and just don’t know where to start? Well on both counts, you are in the right place.

Stay-tuned in the coming weeks where I’ll reveal more about the Information Marketing business and why you might want to consider jumping in and selling some information of your own that’s locked inside of you…

Eben P Nov 08Here’s a great example of a very successful information marketer – Eben Pagan.  He has a pen name, David D’Angelo, and created a multi-million dollar information business with his product – Double your dating . I just attended his event in LA.  It was a Guru workshop for people who want to get into internet marketing and creating their own products.  His event was stellar and right on. Gave a great framework on how to start your information business and tons of great ideas!  So much more to share with you…be sure to stay tuned!

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