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    Five Strategies to Make Your Products Stick

    Having worked with lots of entrepreneurs to help them create their information products, I’ve discovered this easy way to increase your stick rate.  If you don’t know what that means, it’s how to have someone who bought your product keep it so they don’t return it. Here are 5 proven ways that you can use one or more of them to increase your products stick rate and get more of your customers hanging onto the product they bought. Strategy #1-  Create a Quick Start Video—This is huge— create a video and walk them through step-by-step exactly what’s in the product and HOW to use it.  What do they do first,…

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    The Real “How” to Create Your Own Info Products

    One of the things I’ve discovered is that there’s tons and I mean tons of information out there on how to create products and how to market them… Yet, the one thing I saw that was missing was something that was really clear and simple about “how” to do it… So I came up with some basic principles that will help folks on how to do it— You have to survey your audience and find out what they want and how to they want it delivered and howto ot price it, which you can get that info from this blog— http://marketingimplementer.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/first-steps-you-must-take-to-creating-your-information-products Once you know which product to create- then you…

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    First Steps You MUST Take to Creating Your Information Products

    One of the many services I offer is working with clients to help them create their products and then launch these products for them.  The question I always get over and over and over again is—“How do I know what product to create?”  This is an incredibly important questions and often hard to figure out and most of my clients before they worked with me used all sorts of Google algorithms and some even used the pasta method, which I wouldn’t recommend.  The important note here is most guessed and did many other things. The funny thing is THE best thing they could have done to find this out was…

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