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    Decide That You Will Succeed & Then Do it!

    Sitting here in Dallas at the Glazer-Kennedy Superconference I’m reminded what success really is… In fact, I just heard Joan Rivers speak and then met her afterwards.  What an inspiring woman. Not only is she funny, she’s also resilient and incredibly successful with her jewelry business. She has the biggest most successful jewelry business on television. The lesson I learned from her today is that she had many failures along the way, and lost her husband (he committed suicide) because of these failures.  What I loved about Joan is that not only is she resilient, she always says a resounding “Yes” to her success. I love this because I’ve actually…

  • Coaching,  Entrepreneurs,  Marketing

    Success equals: inspiration, perspiration and a little bit of “woo woo….”

    I’m sitting here on vacation in Sedona, don’t yell at me for “working.” The real thing is, writing isn’t work for me at all, I truly love to do it… This is such a spiritual and artistic place, it got me thinking…  That’s when it hit me, I noticed for the first time how long it actually takes for my heart to catch up with my head.  I mean I know stuff, a lot of stuff, I constantly read, go to workshops, conferences, etc.  And then I start hearing the same thing over and over again.  Yet the truly amazing part is sometimes how long it takes from knowing it…

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