Lessons from Oprah

eckhart-tolle.gifLast night was a pretty big internet event—Oprah held her first ever online, live-streaming video class. It was the first class of ten, and she interviewed and talked to Eckhart Tolle, author of A New World, Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose.

It was a fascinating event. I signed on early and got my “seat,” wondering how they would pull this internet feet off without a hitch. I mean, trying to stream video to over half a million people around the world is pretty gutsy and courageous, yet this IS Oprah.

The first 20 minutes were amazing. Hearing him talk about why he wrote the book and how important it was for him to make space to write and honor the time to do it daily. He said, “I find spaces of stillness to find my answers.” Wow, this was pretty fascinating and something I’ve been trying to do for years with my meditation. In fact, I meditate every day for an hour with a program called Holosync by Centerpointe It truly has helped me in all aspects of my work and my life. So, picking up Eckhart’s book and listening to this class was really moving me to shift and change.

The only downside was after 20 minutes the internet connection basically collapsed and I lost the feed. Of course I tried everything to get it back, to no avail. I was hugely disappointed that I couldn’t participate and see the rest. Yet, it got me thinking that there was a reason I only saw part of it. This must be my lesson from Oprah. I only needed small chunks of information last night.

The other lesson from Oprah was she really knows how to think big. She’s not afraid to try something, like doing a video stream for half a million people, knowing there would certainly be problems. Later, I found out today that there were many. I was not alone when I was knocked off. The big question was, who got to see the whole thing live? No worries, though. Oprah put the video on her website, and you can download it to watch on your iPod or your computer at your leisure.

So let’s take these lessons from Oprah, and let’s think big in our businesses and our lives. What step can we take right now to do something different, to get out of our comfort zone? Let’s not just sit there anymore and be happy with complacency. Let’s all do one thing: shift, grow, and make a difference in our businesses and our lives- do it today!

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  • Debbie Phillips

    So inspiring, Shannon! I was so disappointed our firewall seemed to prevent me from signing on at all. Thank you for the “front row” seat report even though you saw only 20 minutes. Love what you took away from it.

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