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What My Chestnut Chasing Dog Taught Me About Implementation & Getting More Done!

IMG_4060It’s fall here in New Jersey and I know that not only because there’s a little chill in the air and the leaves are just now starting to change… I know because now when I go to South Mountain Reservation and walk my rescue dog Lily, she chases after all the chestnuts falling from the trees.  The whole scene is actually quite comical, albeit sometimes a little frustrating.  We get a pretty good pace going, then all of sudden we come across this huge patch of several hundred chestnuts on the ground and more falling. (In fact, I have to be careful and often dodge those falling from the trees or they get me right on the old noggin.) As soon as Lily sees them, she chases after them, dive bombs the chestnut, picks one rightIMG_4036 up and starts to eat it.  Ok, she doesn’t swallow them anymore because let’s just say she and chestnuts don’t get along. Yet, she still loves to chase and pick them up (and there are a lot of them now) and chew them and then lets them drop.  For those who are visual, like me, I actually took my camera with me to take some snap shots of her. The only bummer was she was too quick to get this on video,  maybe tomorrow!  So I only have some choice shots of my chestnut chasing dog…IMG_4054

So what does her chestnut chasing antics have to do with teaching me how to be a better implementer and get more done? Simply put, watching Lily chase after EVERY chestnut on the ground, reminded me of myself over a year ago, where I would basically chase after that next “shiny” object. Some of you entrepreneurs out there who work at home, know EXACTLY what I mean.  Being at home, there’s always something that will get my attention and it usually isn’t the something that will bring me in lots of money or help improve my business.

Lily Chestnut 2Lily Chestnut 3Lily Chestnut 4 So I got down to brass tacks when I started noticing how my days were not as productive as I’d like.  The real crux was reading a few good books on time management (there are many!), getting Eben Pagan’s course on Wake-Up Productive, and having a mastermind group, belonging to two of them really helps keep me on track.  The real trick to not going after EVERY “shiny” object that comes across my path is having a big detailed plan of what I want to accomplish.  I mean really detailed, like what I will outsource, what skills I need for certain tasks, date it will be completed, etc.  The  more detailed the merrier. Plus at the start of each day and as I go through my day I’m always asking myself “Is this task going to get me closer to reaching my goal?” “Is this task going to help me create more income?” If the answer is no, then guess what, I’m not doing that task.

One more tip I can leave you with is the object isn’t to “do more.” The object is to be more productive with “what” you are doing and ensure you’re doing the tasks that will create greater income and help you reach the goals you so deserve!

So when you get the urge to go after that next “shiny” object, as yourself the telling questions, will this help me get and reach my goals? Then have the courage to change your course, if need be, and stick to the things that will help you reach and accomplish your goals.

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  • Rich Niemann

    Great stuff. I struggle at times with the self discipline to work at home. Remember W.I.N. (What’s Important Now)

    I have 2 rescue dogs. The border collie mix actually herds us and the lab chases the fall leaves and eats acorns. These characters make me exercise and they make me laugh every day. There is huge value in that.

  • Shannon

    Hi Rich, thanks for your wonderful comments, made me laugh. Your dogs sound like mine and yes, she makes me laugh and smile constantly all day long. So right, huge value in that, always!

    P.S. Lily is a golden retriever, border collie, collie mix!

  • Connie

    Thanks for the reminder! I struggled to stay focused when I first started my businesses and worked from home. One way I broke myself of the ‘nut chasing’ was to start a daily log (a simple MS Word document which sits on my desktop) which I update every day! It’s been 4 years now and it’s amazing how this simple process keeps me on track … the other thing is that I have scheduled my ‘work hours’ in my calendar and only work on those days and during those times as I tend to work all the time and all work and no play makes Connie very unhappy.

  • Shannon

    Hi Connie, thanks for the great ideas, love your comments. I agree, in fact I also have a daily to do list for “work” and “personal” time. Having that list comes in handy. And I seem to suffer working too much too 🙂

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