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The shower debacle – guides are essential!

It’s hard to believe it’s already been six weeks since we’ve been in our house. And we definitely love it and the dogs too! We created a long term plan of some things we want to change and renovate.

What we didn’t expect was that we’d have to do some now.

On Sunday, I hear a yell from the bathroom for help. It’s my spouse who’s standing there, holding the shower door that had fallen off. I went in to help her and saw that the hinge had broken.

So what do you do when that happens? Of course, you Google “fix shower door!”

We found a shower glass replacement company and scheduled a time (more like begged them) to come out the next day.

What we thought was an easy fix, well, not so much. They’d have to replace the whole shower, not just the door.

So when the shower company told us we needed a new shower, and oh because of supply issues, the glass would take a month or so to get here and install — we were thinking there’s no way we’re going to go without a shower for that long.

He had a terrific idea – go to the store, get a shower curtain, fold it in half and put that in place of the shower door. Hmmmmmm.

Well, that was a very cool idea. Plus, it actually worked and looks halfway decent and functional until we get the new shower installed. (See photo below.)
I’m sharing this story because when you find the right resource, this one being an excellent “shower guide,” they can help you solve a problem in a way you haven’t looked at it before. The reason is that they live and breathe their work, so they’ve probably seen it all. Talk about taking a shortcut… (I thought we’d have to use the guest bathroom for a month.)

Then we got him to check out our guest bathroom as the tub and shower were giving us some issues, and he had some more great low and high-cost things we could do. This was way more helpful than another endless search on Google, mainly because this company only deals specifically with showers and bathrooms.

Having a guide who’s been there before and who has the expertise you need could be the key to your next success.

Clearly, I’m clueless about plumbing and fixing showers. I’m not going to do that myself. Having an expert guide to share information and guide me to the best options is so much easier.

Flip to the other side of the coin – being the guide — While on a client call this week, they mentioned how helpful my initial complimentary consulting call was for them. It was one of the reasons they decided to work with me. They also shared how they were so inspired by how I ran that call they decided to use my process to bring in their dream clients.

You can have access to how I do my complimentary calls – the one my clients implemented. I’ve actually shared it in a couple of emails before. My “Non-Formula” shows you how to convert your complimentary calls to get new clients easily.

The best part about this “non-formula” is it’s like what the “shower guy” did – giving away terrific information that will help me right away. Plus, he also gave me other options about how they can help install a new shower and options for our guest bathroom too. (Yes, of course, he was “selling” us, yet it didn’t feel that way because he was so genuine and gave us some things we could do on our own.)

Two takeaways:

1. Having Guides in Many areas of Your Life is Good – Welcome them because they will help you solve problems and get you to where you want to be faster. You can’t be the expert on everything. Stay in your genius zone and outsource the rest. You could also join a group with like-minded people where you’re not the smartest one in the room.

2. Giving Help/Information Authentically is Gold – If you do complimentary calls to get new clients, be authentic. Make the goal of the call that you will give them at least one or two things that will help their business. Don’t be afraid of “giving away too much.” It’s not going to happen. If anything, they will realize how brilliant you are and want to hire you.

Happy almost spring!

Here’s to Your Soulful Success,

Note 1: Get access to the Non-Formula blog article that will help you convert more complimentary calls. (No optin required.)

Note 2: If you’re an artist or creative and like watching people make stuff, you have to check out this video where this artist makes a tiny dumpster. I know it sounds weird, and I almost didn’t check it out, and glad I did. It’s pretty cool and will get your creative juices flowing, albeit “tiny.” 🙂
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