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Busting the Magic Bullet Myth

I don’t usually “bust” anything in these emails, and today is an exception.

I’ve had several prospects take me up on my offer of scheduling a complimentary call with me this past few weeks.

Honestly, I LOVE doing these calls.

My favorite thing about these calls is for that hour. I can practice my listening skills and help someone with a significant challenge and give them at least one or more solutions to guide them to their answer.

Another reason I love these calls is that it’s an opportunity to get access to my dream client and find out what makes them tick. Such as – what are they struggling with? And I can ask them questions to assimilate good data that will help me attract more people like them.

Plus, what usually comes up is a question about an online marketing tactic (aka magic bullet) that they want to know if it works or not and is it something they should try.

This leads to the whole magic bullet myth-busting.

First, if you think there’s a magic bullet out there that will help you solve all your business issues, then I need to be the one to break it to you. That bullet just doesn’t exist. It’s the myth of all myths of the entrepreneur.

What’s fascinating about it is that most online retailers and event internet marketers USE the MAGIC BULLET myth in their marketing to get you to BUY THEIR STUFF.

You know what I’m talking about, right – If you buy this face cream, your acne will be gone in 24 hours. Or buy this to reduce aging, get this marketing tool to solve your list-building problems, or use this product launch formula to give you all the money and success you’ve wanted and more…

The reason the magic bullet theme in marketing works is because the majority of entrepreneurs are seeking opportunities and quick fixes. They spend a lot of money on buying tactics like the latest is Facebook advertising, or selling more stuff on Amazon, etc.


You’ve heard the stories about someone becoming an overnight success. Yet, what you might not know is that it took them 12 years to get there. Because being an entrepreneur is hard work.

I’m not saying it will take you that long to create success. I am saying that you need to be in this for the long haul and test everything.

If anyone is guaranteeing that their tactic, course, etc., will give you specific results, I’d recommend you walk away.

In truth, there are too many variables that go into marketing the business that you need to keep testing to find out what will work. Especially now.

Tactics might work for the short term to get quick cash. Yet, they don’t work for the longer term. Be smart about your marketing, especially if you’re building a business for the long haul. You need to have some building blocks in place.

Start taking action now:

  1. Continue to Build Your List of Dream Clients/Customers – You need to be doing something every day or at the very least every week to build your list. This includes having a free lead generator and using social media (organic or paid), podcasts, blogs, emails, and more to keep building and getting your current list to share.
  2. Content is King – Keep creating new content and sharing it. Give away terrific value, insights, stories, lessons, tools, etc. You can use whatever tool or platform you are comfortable with, such as FB, Instagram, Tiktok, Clubhouse, WordPress blog, podcast, etc.
  3. Mindset – How you feel, and where your head is will determine your productivity, drive, curiosity, and ability to create prosperity. Whatever you’re reading, who you’re talking to, all of it affects your mindset. Be mindful of what you’re focusing on because it will expand.
  4. Relationships – Keep building relationships with like-minded people, joining groups, memberships, forums, events, and meeting people. I’ve created some fantastic friendships and colleagues over the past 16 years and could not have built my business without their guidance.

So I’m giving you permission to stop searching for a magic bullet. The only person that knows what’s right for your business to grow is you. Get in touch with your inner voice – your intuition. Want some guidance? I wrote a post about it here.

And if you need a jumpstart, hit reply and schedule a complimentary call with me. I would love the opportunity to help you.

April Fool’s Day is tomorrow – so be on the lookout for some possible foolish happenings!

Here’s to Your Soulful Success,


Note 1: Did you know that Fruity Pebbles are made from rice? I thought this was interesting – check out this video on how they make the cereal. I’m always curious about how things are made.

Note 2: If you missed last’s week’s email on “My Shower Debacle,” It’s on my blog. Nothing like taking a shower and you go to open the door and it comes off in your hands…

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