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Throwback to 2012 – living authentically

This week I’m going to throwback to an earlier post I did in 2012 – 5 Steps to Daring Greatly and Living Authentically, where I talked about my experience of meeting Brene Brown when she was on Katie Couric’s DayTime TV Show that’s since been canceled.

On this show, she interviewed Brene Brown on the launch of her then-new book – Daring Greatly. This was right at the start of her trajectory as an author and speaker.

It was an amazing experience being in the audience, then meeting and connecting with her backstage (I knew the Supervising Producer for the show.), and having her sign my book.
I’m sharing this post again because the message about authentically living (and working) is how I started shifting my business and what Soulful Marketing is today.

On another note about Brene Brown – This week, my spouse and I have been watching her new series (On HBO) – Atlas of The Heart, based on her new book of the same name.

It’s been eye-opening to understand the nuisances of emotions and how important the language is that we use to describe them. And how most people, including me, have difficulty identifying their feelings.

The series is about helping develop your emotional vocabulary and how it will transform your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, your colleagues, and even clients.

There’s way more to it. I’d highly recommend this series.

If you’re not familiar with her work, she has one of the top 10 most-watched TedTalk – The Power of Vulnerability, that I’d also highly recommend you check out.

Happy Spring – warmer days, pre easter candy, and here comes the sun!

Note 1: Another update from an earlier email — Wings Make it across the ocean to Dallas Texas. No not chicken wings, we’re talking about Amazon’s drone delivery. I shared a while back about their drone tests in Australia. Now they’re coming to Dallas Texas.
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