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27 Words that will help you attract your dream client

I just finished a three-month copywriting course that pretty much blew me away. One of the reasons is that the person that created the course, Csaba Borzási, studied under all the copywriters I had and culled all that information into one course.

Plus, he gave away some fantastic bonuses.

I wanted to share one of these insightful bonuses with you in this week’s email.

I am giving you the 27 words that will guide you to attract your dream clients and help propel your business.

Before I share them with you, these words are not life-changing.

Yet when you read them, it will make sense and help you in your quest to persuade, attract and influence your dream prospects.

Knowing these 27 words will help you remember what’s important to share with your dream prospects to turn them into clients.

It will also give you an understanding of human nature because it’s based on the most basic human desires, much like the core techniques that cults or mass movements use to attract followers.

When you use these 27 words, it will help you become a powerful persuader and influencer.

Remember that these specific words aren’t anything you will ever deliver in your copy.

These 27 words in this sentence will help you remember the five core beliefs you need to consider appealing to in your marketing and copy to persuade your dream prospect to work with you or invest in your products, courses, or services.

Here are the 27 Words:

“People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies.”

Note – I adapted this from The One Sentence Persuasion Course by Blair Warren. Scroll to the P.S. to download his eGuide. No opt-in required.

These are not the most profound words, yet they make so much sense (and are easy to remember).

Let’s break them down.

These are the five most important insights into persuasion, influence, and attraction.

1. Encourage their dreams

2. Justify their failures

3. Allay their fears

4. Confirm their suspicions

5. Help them throw rocks at their enemies

All successful old-school marketers like Dan Kennedy and others talk about these all the time.

These are the core principles used by all the great cults and mass movements, from Hitler to Jim Jones, and the basis of many organized religions. I’ve written more about cults on my blog.

Knowing this, I want you to promise me that you will use these for good, not evil.

These tools are for you if you want to connect with others in a more profound way to teach, inspire, and even help transform.

When you focus on these five basic principles of human nature, that’s when you can create relationships where people will naturally want to work with you. THIS IS the real secret – connection.

Knowing these five principles, I’d highly encourage you to start picking them out in the advertising and marketing you see daily. This is where it will get interesting.

When looking at companies like Apple, Ikea, Bombas, LuLuLemon, Virgin, and others, they’re using at least two or three of these principles in their marketing. In some instances, they may even use all five.

Remember those Apple vs. PC commercials? That was Apple “throwing rocks at the enemy,” the PC.
Apple also encouraged your dreams and allayed your fears about their products that are so sleek and well made. (And then we could talk about their packaging…)

Your work, if you decide to do so, is to break down these five principles and see how you’re already using them in your business.

And look at how you can incorporate them into your marketing, advertising, and copy in the coming days and weeks.

I find it helpful to research how other successful companies use these principles, start collecting the copy, pages, etc., and then use that to inspire me about how to implement it into my business.

I’d love to hear how you can use this.

As always, if you have any questions or want to share your insights, I’d love to hear from you. Simply hit reply.

Here’s a little sunrise and puppy inspiration to get you going today! 🙂
Note: As promised, you can download The One Sentence Persuasion eGuide with my compliments.
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