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It’s a Lil Difficult Sometimes…

I so struggled a bit this week about what to write… (Highly unusual for me.)

On the one hand, this is a marketing and launch weekly email where I focus on Marketing, Mindset, and Message.

Yet, when the Supreme Court hands down a ruling to take away one of our Constitutional rights, it weighed heavier on me than I realized. it’s hard not to say something about it…

AND, I also don’t want to make this into a pulpit for something that could be a hotbed of controversy, which is not what I’m about either… that’s not what you signed up for.

How about I compromise…

Let’s talk about a challenge some of my clients have been struggling with…

Finding a paid group of like-minded people that will help transform their business.

There are a lot of marketing, coaching, and training groups out there that you can pay to belong to. Yet, how do you know if that group is right for you? Is it legit and delivers on its promises? Or better yet, how do you find them in the first place?

These 5 steps will help:

  1. First, Answer These Questions – What are you looking for? What is it you’re seeking to get out of a group? What do you need help with? What are your business and personal goals for the year? I’d suggest making a list and prioritizing it. This will go a long way in helping you make a decision.
  2. What’s Your Investment? When looking into these groups, I’d suggest going with a paid vs. free one. I find that the caliber of cultivated paid groups is much higher and will help me reach my goals faster. Crunch some numbers in your head (or on paper) and see what you can afford each month. And also, look at this as an investment. It’s not a cost if it will help you build your business faster and increase your income and connections to like-minded people.
  3. How Do You Find Them? – The best way is to ask those closest to you in your field, ask in like-minded FB groups, or make a post on social media. You can also do Google searches and check in with the people and places I mentioned in #2 for their thoughts. The good news is there are plenty of people out there that could help you. That’s also the rub. Go with like-minded people, talk to their clients/customers, and do your homework. And use your gut instincts – your intuition, it’s always right. And asking this question Do you believe this program will help you?
  4. Do Your Due Diligence – Once you’ve done your research, then reach out to the group’s leader, program, etc., and schedule a call. Ask lots of questions. And ask to speak to other members of the group. And yes, always, as I said above, listen to your intuition. Remember, it’s that still, small voice inside. Want a refresher? – this is a blog I did on intuition.
  5. Ask this One Last Question Before You Decide – Will you be the smartest person in
    the room? If yes, then you don’t want to join. It’s never good to be the smartest in the room because then you end up helping everyone else, and no one has enough experience to help you. Always make sure there’s a good mix of experience in the group.

If you’re familiar with Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, Chapter 9 is about the mastermind group’s power. There’s definite power when like-minded people come together to help each other and in turn, help change and transform those they serve.

And if you’re looking for a like-minded combo of masterclass meets mastermind…. Where the focus is on accelerating your growth, I’d love to hear from you.

I’ve already reached out to a hand full of folks about my new Soulful Marketing & Launch Accelerator program.

If you’re interested in discovering more – send me a note and let me know you’re interested.

Or, if you want to simply jump on a complimentary call with me – book it here.

We can do great things when we come together. I’d be honored to lead a small group of you to inspire, transform and help you reach your goals.

The caveat is I’m only looking for 12 – 15 people who are less to be in the beta group. You need to be focused and willing to show up, be present, and focused and be inspired to do great things for yourself and support others. And the price I’m asking is shockingly low since it’s a beta group, and you will also be founding members.

Look forward to hearing from you!

And before I go – I got so many responses to my pic last week that I thought I’d inspire you with a few more.

Here’s a pic of our two pups (Lily & Emma), who love hanging on the deck with us in the morning. And I love playing around with the camera on my iPhone 13 plus. 🙂

Note: I decided to speak up on the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, which I usually don’t do on hot issues. I want to be more proactive on things I care about, like women’s rights. I also want to share this in a thoughtful and inspirational way. Curious?
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