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What do you do as a business owner when …

It’s been a week since all of the supreme court rulings, and since then, I’ve done some research.

I was curious about how other businesses, influencers, and organizations would handle the information or if they would simply stay silent.

This leads me to ask you…

What do you do as a business owner when something happens in the world that affects you personally or your business? Do you say something?

Before I get to that, you need to know that what’s trending in business is that people are more apt to buy from a brand that shares their values.

This is good, especially if you’re running a service business like coaching or consulting. You want to ensure you’re attracting the right people who will pay you for your services.

Have you ever had a pain in the rear client that you wish you could have fired or maybe ought to have charged them more money? I certainly have until I finally got out of that trap.

So how did I do it? I raised my fees and put some simple questions on my” How I Can Help” page that directly correlates with my values. And I imply that if you haven’t answered at least seven yes’s (there are 11 questions), you’re not my client.

My website services page is here. I’ve worked with several clients who loved how I did this, and I’ve worked with them to create something similar for their services page.

Now, back to what to do when major events occur…

I read recently that “When brands try to share their political and moral values, customers often perceive it as tone-deaf.”

I don’t agree entirely with that. I think there’s a fine line and some nuisances that play into this.

If your business is directly tied to your values and teachings, then I think it might behoove you to share something.

Yet, ensure it’s coming from you and how you think and feel about the issue, not whining, blaming, or taking your anger or feelings out on the world. (Unless this is your M.O. and your brand.)

The best thing you can do is to share a story or something from the heart if you choose to say something.

Also, keep it short and don’t make it about your business. Focus instead on your identity and purpose and what you’re doing about the political event.

Such as, June was LGBTQ Pride month. So several brands used the Pride flag and spoke about what they were doing to honor the month and how they were making a difference.

When a tragedy, political event, or war breaks out, being a beacon of light and hope and simply meeting people where they are is the best thing you can do.

Or decide to do nothing. Either work.

This past week, an example is a former client creating a tapping exercise on empowerment and making peace with our emotions, which was brilliant – using her skills to do good and giving it away free on her blog.

Another client was going to send out an email the day Roe v Wade news was announced, and she realized her email might be perceived as insensitive, so she moved it to send on another day.

Being a soulful marketer is doing and being in the world authentically and with heart, connecting to people on a real level – no b.s., no sales tactics, or doing something to make a quick buck. That’s not what we’re about here. It’s about making the biggest impact you can and honoring yourself and your clients.

Next time a major event occurs, what will you do?

Take some time to go deeper and if you have a strong feeling that you need to say something, then do it.

Whether it’s emailed to your list or as I did, I posted something on social media and mentioned it in my email. Do what works best for you.

Don’t listen to what anyone else says. This is YOUR business. No one can tell you what’s best for it. They’re not you and certainly not in your shoes.

You got this!

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday.

I’m off this week on vacation finally, after two years.

We’re taking a driving tour of the Pacific Northwest, from Redding, CA, where we live, up to Seattle.

Happy hot times in the summer!

And check out my new book model below. I’m posting more on social media about the books I’ve been reading. So I thought Emma was the perfect model to get folks to stop scrolling to check it out. (And I’ve talked about this book before. I’d highly recommend it – The Culting of Brands by Douglas Atkins.


Who knew there was a museum about product failures? I love their philosophy – “Innovation Needs Failures.” There are some interesting ones on their site.

My favorite is the Nike fail – Magnetic glasses that adhere to your face – you got to see it to believe it.

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