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This one question could make or break your business…

As an entrepreneur, I know how hard you work at and on your business. Sometimes it can be grueling and stressful, especially if you do it alone.

And even if you have some help, it still can be exhausting and challenging.

It’s mainly up to you to create a successful business and make money that will keep it running for many years.

This brings me to the one question that could make or break your business…

Before I ask you, I want you to think back to when you made the decision to start your business and make a go at being your own boss.

What was the impetus that led you there?

Was it motivated by money and/or wanting to share your gifts to help others?

Over the past 16 years of helping entrepreneurs, I’ve noticed a pattern.

The dream prospects that come to me excited and enthusiastic about their business and are aligned with their soul’s purpose are the ones that become the most successful.

That’s why I want to ask you this one important question that could make or break your business-

In this very moment in your business, do you feel like you’re following your soul’s purpose on this planet?

Take some time before you answer. Don’t take this question lightly.

What I know is that those entrepreneurs who are divinely guided and love what they do and are inspired and motivated by it every day are the ones that create amazing success.

What’s your answer to this question –Or— How do you feel about your answer to this question?

The good news is that whatever your answer is – you are definitely in the right place.

Being an entrepreneur often times you can start off in one place like I did – the first iteration of my business was as a marketing implementer.

I did all kinds of projects working with many kinds of entrepreneurs, from financial markets to internet marketers like Jeff Walker.

What’s even more interesting is the beauty of hindsight. I coined myself as a marketing implementer for six years until I changed it to Soulful Vision Marketing – focusing on helping various folks with product launches and building their lists.

And now, my business morphed into Soulful Marketing. I mainly work with folks in health, wellness, creatives, and coaches to implement soulful marketing techniques in their online dream client experiences and launches.

I needed to make these changes because I simply got tired of working with a certain type of entrepreneur. I didn’t feel like what I was doing was aligned anymore with my soul’s purpose.

I felt more aligned, changing my focus to working with a group of entrepreneurs with whom I felt more connected and knew I could make a bigger impact.
Now it’s nearing the end of 2022.

It might be the perfect time to sit down and have a “good think” about your business and where you see it in 2023.

Maybe you need a “Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose Reboot.”

Here are a couple of things that will help you get started to reboot in 2023: (Inspired by author Mark Thurston.)

1. Discover Your Hidden Talents – Are you aware of the exact talents that will help fulfill your soul’s purpose? Pay closer attention to your meditations and your unconscious connection to your talents. Write down your dreams. And be adventurous – try things you wouldn’t normally do. Invest in a class, training, or trip that will inspire you.

2. Reclaim Your Strengths Hidden In Your Faults – You may have some gems hiding in your faults. If you feel you tend to be a bit judgmental in nature – take a closer look. Maybe it’s based on your talent of seeing the whole picture and fixing something so easily that it frustrates you and comes out as judgment.

3. Get Your Talents Off the Bench – Much like an athlete who’s relegated to the bench, what talents of yours are you hiding and “benching” from others? Look at your fears honestly, and look to your support team (or create one) that will listen and have their hands at your back to help you face and move through those fears.

4. Rescue and Release Your Talents from a Rutt – How many of your talents get lost in your day-to-day because they become so rote that you get bored and tired of them? They become so routine and predictable that you don’t even notice them anymore. That’s when you know it’s time for a reboot.

Step back from your day-to-day and be more present and notice. That’s when you can make a change. During the new training, I will have an exercise we can do together that will surely help you if you’re struggling with this.

It’s time to reboot yourself and your business so you will be primed for the incredible success you deserve in 2023.

Happy December! If you celebrate Christmas – this month has lots of red and green, candy canes, cookies, cakes, warm fireplaces, presents, warm hugs, and being surrounded by loved ones.

Some choice shots below I took during the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. With winter here, there are a lot more beautiful sunrises to capture. Oh, and of course, a certain 4-legged pup who’s missing her older sister Lily.
image.  image
image  image
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