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My Best Soulful Holiday Marketing Tips

Earlier this week, I was on the phone with a client who said – “I cringe when I think about creating and sending out an email where I’m selling something this holiday.”

She’s someone that just doesn’t like marketing or selling. That’s one of the many reasons why we’re working together.

I totally get it when I tell folks what I do, and their immediate response is, “Oh wow, let’s connect cuz I definitely don’t like marketing and would love your help.”

If you’re someone who’s just not into marketing or wants to be guided and learn a bit about how it can help your business – I’m here for you.

That’s why I want to give you some of my best-proven tips for this holiday.

It’s not too late to promote your products, courses, services, or events.

In fact, this is a good time for you to start planting seeds for next year, too.

Let me share with you what NOT to do:

1. Please don’t just send me an email during the holidays! This one kind of drives me a little bonkers. I’m getting these emails from all sorts of companies now that I don’t even remember how I got on their list. Not a good thing. It feels so disingenuous.

And it’s just really bad form to only communicate in December – where people will be like, “Oh yeah, they just want to sell me something.” Or worse, “Oh, they just emailed me because they want to make some money now.”

Send emails to your people at the very least once a month. I’d go at least once a week as I do, or if you’re eager, send out an email 3 – 5 times a week. I’ve talked in more depth about this and given some best practices in a previous blog.

2. Don’t send short emails about “discounts” – Unless they know you like and love you, and/or you’re a big-size brand, sure, then send these. I’m getting tons of emails from Kiehl’s and other big companies. And yep, I’m just looking for the deals. Yet, if you’re a soulful company, an influencer, you don’t want to be compared to RETAIL.

Please don’t use the word “DISCOUNT.” It’s not soulful at all. You want to give your people “the friends and family rate.” Or you want to give them “SAVINGS” this holiday. I’m trying to change our ‘selling’ language to be more soulful.

3. Don’t decide to send me an email or post something because you think it’s a bad or overcrowded time to sell. I’ve talked to many folks who think it’s too crowded during this time to sell anything. Yes, I totally agree it’s a VERY crowded time to sell.

I’d suggest NOT buying any social media ads as they’re always the most expensive during the holidays — Unless you have an unlimited budget.

You can create great content and promote it on social media, email, your podcast, be a guest on someone’s podcast, and more. Also, you will have more success with the people who know, like, and trust you.

They are probably waiting for you to offer something that they can invest in and/or join. And yes, there’s still time left to sell your products, courses, programs, and more.

4. Don’t forget you can sell something that starts next year. OR you can start planting seeds now for next year. One of the best times you can start a program, course, etc., is in the middle or end of January. Or even early February.

Everyone’s looking for a way to make a fresh start, make changes, create new goals, lose weight, and more. Create a campaign that could start now or in the next week or so that helps you launch and promote something for the first quarter of next year.

5. And you can ALWAYS do something to build your followers or email list. This is a great time to give away a gift. Create an infographic, checklist, planner, eGuide, or another electronic resource to help your dream prospects and build your list.

It’s also a good time to test new ideas too.

Happy two
weeks to the holidays!

Winter’s finally here—lots of snow in the mountains. I love my morning brisk walks with these amazing views. I can even see Mt. Shasta in all her solid white beauty. She’s the first picture on the left.

And, of course, my other pup, Emma, is taking advantage of these shorter days by taking lots of naps.
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