Why My Spouse’s New Truck Matters to Your Business Strategy…

Let me take you on a short journey – my spouse, Alice, has been looking for a new car for a while. We’ve been asking these questions: “Do we buy another hybrid?” or “Do we go with all electric?”

Then the latest has been – “What about getting a truck instead of another sedan?”


Lots of options that we finally narrowed down to a midsize truck. Yet, I’m used to the comfiness of my SUV. That’s when we found a decent truck that we both were comfy with…

We opted against a hybrid truck because the gas savings is minimal. And we weren’t ready to leap into the very pricey electric trucks that are on the market.

She narrowed it down to a couple of choices.

When we were down in Sacramento a few weeks ago for Pride, we went to this cool place called The Auto Mall. It literally was a full circle of all the car dealers. I’ve not ever seen that before. You can hit all the top car dealers by just riding around the circle, and of course, that’s what we did.

I’m sharing this with you because I wanted to give some interesting insight into the process of selling and buying. We interacted with many different salespeople. And the one that stood out was the salesperson from Nissan who showed us the new Nissan Frontier, a truck we both liked.

Buying any type of vehicle can be difficult, and salespeople often make it more challenging. One seller we met was focused only on “telling us” about the car’s features, never asking us anything about our preferences or needs – it wasn’t a good approach.

It made me think about how we communicate when we promote our work on our website, social media, and in person. Do you just talk about yourself and what you can offer? Or do you ask questions, understand the other person’s needs, and then explain how you can best help?

The salesperson from Nissan didn’t follow the typical aggressive selling strategy. He asked us a bunch of questions. He got to know us, what we liked and didn’t like, then and only then did he share with us the truck’s features.

His sole purpose was to ensure we found the truck we wanted. It wasn’t about “selling us a truck.” It was about helping us find the truck we wanted and ensuring we had a stellar experience. And because of this approach, we ended up buying the new Nissan Frontier from him. We got a good deal, and he even delivered the truck to our house, which was 2.5 hrs away.

This approach is how you make a sale, get a new client, and ensure you create a stellar dream client/customer experience. When you do this you will also get a sweet testimonial and attract new raving fans for your business. 🙂

Some Specific Insights For You:

  1. Your Perspective and Approach to Selling – This is really important. How do you communicate to your dream clients/customers to invest in your products, courses, or services? Are you “selling” to them? Bombarding them with how terrific you and your business are and how they have to work with or buy from you.

    OR are you aware and listening to their frustrations, struggles, and needs and then sharing how you’re the best option for them? If you’re looking for a process about how to do this on a complimentary call – I wrote about this on my blog a while back. The Non Formula for Converting Free Calls.
  2. What’s Your Online Dream Client Experience (Or Journey) Look Like? To create long-term growth, you must keep building your online list of potential dream clients. If you use email, and you keep emailing the same people year after year, expecting sales—at some point, your list will go “stale.” You have to keep adding new people to your email list. This also goes for getting more social media followers. Are you creating content that will attract your dream clients? Are you posting enough? Is it engaging enough? Do you drive them to an optin so you can have access to them on YOUR tech as opposed to the social media entity “owning them.

    If the social media channel(s) you’re using ever goes out of business ,
     you’re sunk. As Dan Kennedy always said to me “One is the loneliest number in marketing.” Please have more than one way you are marketing your business.)

    And if you’re anything like my clients, you are tweaking your offers and adding new products or services. That means you need to revisit (every 6 months or so) what your initial free optin and email sequence is that you currently use to build your list. The key is to ensure it’s still in line with your business and you’re attracting the right people.
  3. Your Core Messaging – This is big. When did you last revisit your core messaging on your website, emails, blogs, or content that you share? I give all my clients a worksheet – “Defining Your Dream Client Tool,” when I first start working with them.

    It’s a terrific exercise that gets you thinking about your potential dream clients’ hopes, dreams, and struggles, and answering some specific questions such as what are their wants and desires? What do they want to be, do, have, or gain? Answering these questions will help you create your core messaging of how you can help them. Plus, you also have to to do your research on your competition. (I have an 11 point checklist in my doc.) You need to know WHO your competition is and HOW they market to your same audience.

    This exercise helps you find YOUR business’s unique place in the market and how you’re different from your competition. If you’re interested in seeing this tool, hit reply, and because you’re on my list and open my emails, I will happily share it with you.

Happy July! Hope you had a wonderful 4th celebration. Independence Day to me is more than our country’s independence. It’s also mine. Being an independent business owner, asserting my independence from addiction, and more. 🙂

Quote I’m Pondering:

“I stay as far away from complainers as possible because negative energy is infectious… For the next seven days, I challenge you not to complain at all. Not out loud or in your head as well.” ~ T. Harv Eker, Secret’s of The Millionaire Mind.

Powerful Mantra to Inspire:

“Please remove any armor in front of my heart and all barriers to love. Take away my insecurities, and remind me of my intrinsic value. Let me not be tempted to inflate who I am, which will only diminish my power and decrease my joy.” ~ Marianne Williamson

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The Book of Choice by Kim DeYoung

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Weekly Photos: It was a scorcher these past 7 days. And I know we’re not the only ones that are suffering from heat – sheesh. Thank goodness our AC is fixed! Some choice shots from the week. Emma the wonder dog was in rare form. Plus, an outtake from one of my book reviews. Check it out – Emma is winking at me. Ha!

We had a low key 4th of July celebration with our neighbor Harrietta, who always brings her dog Harley cuz our pups like to hang out together. And I’m loving this amazing cloud with the cattle below.

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