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You Are The Guru You’re Looking For….

Countless times, I’ve had people come to me in a flurry of frustration, having spent a lot of money on an expert or guru and they didn’t have any real results to show for it.

That totally frustrates me too. Being a marketer in business for as long as I have, I’ve seen it all. And I definitely feel for them. It frustrates me because out of the many marketing experts out there, not all of them have the integrity, authenticity, and honesty that you deserve when working with them.

There’s also something else that happens. Maybe you stumble across an expert/guru, and you end up buying all their courses or products, maybe even working with them, and you even start to emulate them as much as you can. Yet, you don’t see the sales, and it’s mediocre at best.

So why is that? What happened?

Well, there are many reasons for this and I want to focus on what I think is most impactful on a deeper level:

Cuz this is where it gets interesting – let’s ask another question instead —

  • Are you learning from your expert/guru, or are you trying to walk their same path?

There’s a big distinction here. Yes, you can certainly learn from the experts/gurus, yet you need to walk your own path, whatever that is.

You have your own unique marketing style, and mission, vision, and values. These all need to be in alignment with you and your purpose.

Maybe you haven’t stumbled upon your own greatness and what your path to success looks and feels like for you.

What I do know is when the timing is right, you will know it. In fact, you will feel it in your bones or maybe even get chills.

It’s about discovering your own path—it’s best to emulate ideas and strategies, not the expert/guru.

Certainly, we may have similar paths to others, yet we all are unique and may have different timing.

The goal is to find and embrace your uniqueness, your path.

Then, it’s about trusting your inner guide or inner guru. You are your best guide.

Finding your own inner guidance is honestly one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

Here Are Some Techniques to Help You:

1. Tune Into Your Body:

Your body is like a powerful antenna, picking up signals and information all the time. Find a quiet place, take a few deep breaths, and really feel into your body. Notice any sensations, tingles, or feelings that arise. Pay attention to your gut – that’s your powerhouse of intuition. When something feels right, you might notice a sense of lightness or warmth in your body. If it’s a “no” or a warning, you might feel a bit heavy or uneasy. Trust these signals – your body knows more than you think!

2. Ask Clear Questions:

Your intuition loves clear and direct questions. So, take a moment and ask a specific question about something you need guidance on. It could be as simple as, “What do I need to focus on today?” or “Is this the right decision for me?” Now, don’t rush it. Just let the question sit there and pay attention to any thoughts, feelings, or images that pop into your mind. Trust the very first thing that comes up – that’s usually your intuition talking. It might be a gentle nudge or a whisper, so listen carefully. It’s not ever anything negative. It’s always a positive, kind, quiet voice. If it’s negative and unkind, that’s not your intuition, that’s your ego talking.

3. Play the ‘What If’ Game:

Let’s add a little bit of fun to this process. I want you to play the ‘What If’ game. Take a scenario you’re uncertain about and imagine different outcomes. For each outcome, ask yourself, “What if this happens?” and notice how your body and emotions respond. Your intuition will give you subtle (or sometimes not-so-subtle) clues about which path feels right. It’s all about learning to recognize and trust those intuitive nudges.

The key is to practice and have fun with it. The more you tune in, ask questions, and play with possibilities, the stronger and clearer your intuitive guidance will become. Trust yourself, you’ve got this!

By following these steps with a playful and trusting attitude, you’ll begin to unlock the powerful guidance of your intuition. Remember, it’s all about practice, patience, and trust. Enjoy your journey!

And, if you need a coach or guide along the way, yes, do it. Just be careful that you use your intuition and divine timing to find them. Use your intuition to help you ensure that it’s a good fit. (And remember, I’m always here to for you too! Just hit reply to this email.)

Keep in mind Buddha found enlightenment under a Bayan tree. It’s not an exercise in following someone else. It’s all about looking within, following your intuitive guidance and your heart.

So let your intuition run wild, and start exercising and practicing that intuitive muscle.

You are your best guru- you got this!

It’s the last week in October — Mwahahaha!!! All the ghosts, goblins, witches, warlocks, and other costumed kids and adults alike will be walking around your neighborhood. Beware of kids who want candy! See you in November. 🙂

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Paragraph I’m Pondering:

…trust is difficult. Instead, when the Grand Design takes over and doesn’t accommodate our wishes, we are disappointed and upset—and sometimes very fearful. We lament our bad fortune and see ourselves as “the victim’ the most helpless place to be. When we learn how to let go of outcomes and trust the Grand Design, peace is restored. ~ Feel The Fear And Beyond, by Susan Jeffers.

Powerful Mantras to Inspire:

  • “I am divinely sensitive to my intuition and trust it like no other.” ~ The Game of Life And How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn
  • “The sun now comes out in my mind and body, and I see clearly the fulfillment of my heart’s desire.” ~ The Magic Path Within, by Florence Scovel Shinn

Book Review:
Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative In Good Times And Bad by Austin Kleon

Weekly Photos:

I think Emma makes a terrific model. In this picture, she’s showing off her new collar with her Apple tag secured inside. Now, I can track her around the neighborhood if she ever escapes again. (I’m an Amazon Vine reviewer, so I can get products for free in exchange for a review. So I get lots of dog stuff, as Emma is my go-to model!)

This past week there were so many colorful and amazing sunrises and sunsets with wonderful clouds and so little time. And there’s selfies with Emma!

Then there’s my favorite stained glass that my spouse Alice made for me. It’s Emma at our old house, looking out the sliding door to the backyard. Those ears get me every time, tucked behind her head.—sooo cute!

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