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Frustration, Workmen, and a Breakthrough: A Recent Realization

This Week’s Highlights: 

Core Article: “Frustration, Workmen, and a Breakthrough: A Recent Realization”

Scavenger Hunt: Try this fun exercise

Paragraph I’m Pondering: From The Book of Mastery by Paul Selig 

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire: Focusing on your inner wisdom

Book Review: Marketing a Love Story by Bernadette Jiwa

Cool Stuff: Oprah shares how happiness comes down to these 5 words

AI Info & Resources: See how AI is helping advance women’s health

“Frustration, Workmen, and a Breakthrough: A Recent Realization”

Here’s what happened the day after the Memorial holiday. I had it jammed with lots of calls, making connections, signing on new clients, and more. 

I usually get my newsletter written on Tuesdays and then modify and edit it on Wednesdays. I really like the recency of my writing, and not planning things weeks in advance and writing ahead of time. This process just works for me…

So at the end of my day, even though it was pretty impactful, I was frustrated because I hadn’t written my eNewsletter. And then I remembered some workmen were coming over the next day (Wednesday), and I just got so frustrated.

What’s interesting and why I wanted to share this with you is that I was able to observe myself and my thoughts of my frustration build to the point where, in my head, I was blaming the work guys. 

I was convinced in my head they would be in my way to and hinder by productivity and having to work later into the night to get this eNewsletter out. 

Wait Whaatttt?

Yeah, maybe that’s your thought, too!

So I asked myself, “How will the workman stop me from writing and being productive?” 

And of course – there was my answer – NOTHING unless I LET THEM!

That’s when I really saw how my mind comes up with many reasons that aren’t based on reality. It’s my procrastination and false beliefs that the workman here will stop me from being productive.

And by doing the work to deepen my learning and awareness, I’m really able to see through that thin veil of my mind that wants to create frustration where there really isn’t any.

Do you do that too? (Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this?!) 

So, how did I get to this realization? I’ve been listening to a lot of books lately (I highly recommend Neuro Wisdom by Waldman and Manning and Mel Robbins Take Control).

I think I mentioned earlier that I had signed up for Mel Robbin’s 6-month class – Launch.

Here are a couple of exercises she gave us which I wanted to share with you because I found them highly impactful:

1. Go 24 hrs without whining, complaining, and comparing in your mind and out loud. (Yeah, I blew that one, so I just started over my 24 hrs. And I actually did it. 🙂 

2. As you go about your day ask yourself, “How can I make this easy?” (This one really is about setting up your mind to look for easy and finding ways. This is in contrast to what we do when we’re overwhelmed, which is to overthink to the point of complication and paralysis.

I would highly encourage you to join in and do these exercises and I’d love to hear about your experience. 

Doing these was an eye-opener for me on many levels. 

So what I did today, as I’m writing this, was I programmed my mind with an intention – that writing this email is so easy, and it will be done before the workman get here.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I wanted to share this with you because you might struggle with this as well.

It’s not just about going 24 hrs or asking questions; it’s deeper than that.

How can you be more aware of your thoughts to catch yourself and reframe them?

And, how can you set an intention for your day, or your morning, or like me, before I start a project? 

This is huge. 

Setting an intention will set up your state of mind and propel you forward. 

Also, note the difference between goals and intentions:

Goals are specific, measurable outcomes you aim to achieve within a set timeframe. 

Intentions are broader, value-based aims that guide your actions and reflect your desired way of being, as well as a specific outcome or purpose.

These are a couple of simple things that you can experiment with, and they might be fun as well. Have your significant other or family join in  🙂 

Quick Update

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Holiday. We took it easy, got some good walks in, and also had a nice cookout with friends. And yeppers, it’s summer. I’m not sure I’m ready for the Redding, CA, hot summers. And the good news is, it will be over before I know it. 🙂 

Weekly Scavenger Hunt: Try This Fun Exercise:

This week I found some interesting things on Emma and I’s walks. We found a couple of hawk feathers and some hearts. The feathers are huge, almost as big as a turkey feather.. 

An interesting fact is that when you tell your mind to look out for something, say “feathers” or “heart shapes,” your mind will start seeing them. It’s because you put your R.A.S (Reticular Activating System) in your brain on high alert. For example, when you want to buy a certain car, you start seeing it everywhere. 

Try it – on your next adventure, say to yourself, “I’m gonna find a heart shape today.” (or a feather) And then see what kind of magic will happen. 🙂  

Paragraph I’m Pondering: 

“The Divine as you is ever present as you regardless of what you think—and that is always the key—regardless of what you think. You think you are not Divine. You think you are your fear. You think you are what happened to you. And you think the one beside you is this or that as well, and none of it is true. It’s a way of knowing the self in interaction and on the physical plane, but it holds a lower vibration.” ~ Paul Selig, The Book of Mastery

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire:

  • “Every step I take is guided by my higher self, leading me towards my highest potential.”
  • “I speak my truth with confidence and clarity, honoring my inner wisdom.”
  • “I trust the unfolding of my life, knowing that every experience serves my highest good.”

Book Review

Marketing A Love Story: How to Matter to Your Customers by Bernadette Jiwa

Cool Stuff

Oprah – Happiness comes down to these 5 words – and I wholeheartedly agree.

How connecting with nature benefits our mental health.

The list of the most watched TV around the world – Fascinating insights into the TV we watch around the world.

AI Info & Resources: 

Advancing women’s Health around the world with AI – 

Explorer Globe Engineers an intelligent, context-aware search engine

Upload Your PDFs or DOCX and Socrates will guide you to connect with them. Socrates 

Weekly Photos

  • Then Emma and I had a ride in the car this week. So I let her hang out the window for a few. (She’s belted in, so she’s not going anywhere.)Some scavenger hunt findings – that hawk feather was pretty cool.
  • Epic fail – I’m a reviewer for Amazon, where they send me free products to test and try ot. I thought this backpack dog container was cool. They said up to 20 lbs. And well, Emma is the right weight. She’s just a bit longer than small dogs. So, her body didn’t quite fit until I pulled out the side section. Oh well, we will have to donate it. 
  • I love the daisies blooming on our walks; there are so many of them, and they are so perfect with all their petals.
  • The view from my comfy chair in my office with Emma, the velcro dog. Never turns down an opportunity to nap. On the wall is my progress chart for the project I’m working on. And my bigger project list. I’d highly recommend having one. And if you want some guidance, I’m here for you any time you need it!
  • One of the last mornings, we will need a blanket when we watch the sunrise with coffee on the deck. Once June’s here we start warming up quick. 

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