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    It’s a Balancing Act

    Continuing with the balance theme… there are so many areas of our lives these days requiring our attention and not just when we get to it but sometimes like it needed to be done yesterday. Work, relationships, personal time, school, emotional, physical, mental, etc are all aspects of life that require balance.  If balance is not established, you may find yourself feeling or saying something like this; “I am drained, exhausted and overwhelmed.” “I wake up in the morning and automatically feel tensed and stressed.” “My life is chaotic and out of control.” “I need to change my life but have no clue where to start.”                                                                                                             “I cannot focus…

  • Balance,  Blogging,  Clients & Customers,  Coaching,  Communication,  Implementation,  Marketing,  Motivation,  Procrastination,  Productivity,  To Do List

    It’s All In the Balance

    When life is hectic, especially right now with the holidays, time seems to slip from our hands and balancing life, work, kids, and other things is hard to do.  Yes, I can tell you to take a breather but that might make you hyperventilate.  So instead, I am going to ask you to stop and take a moment to read these seven tips on how to balance everything. 1. Don’t overbook. This may seem unusual to people who try to crowbar as much as possible into every workday. The problem is things rarely go according to a prearranged agenda. That means a lot of time falling through the cracks chasing down…

  • Blogging,  Clients & Customers,  Coaching,  Communication,  Entrepreneurs,  Implementation,  Marketing,  Motivation,  Procrastination,  Productivity,  To Do List

    How to Get Motivated

    Now that we have kicked the procrastination habit, seemed appropriate to talk about staying motivated. What is motivation? This simple but complex word can bring both disappointment as well as accomplishment.  It drives you to take action but can also drive you to not want to do anything.  Motivation is a word that everyone struggles with at one point or another but how long this lasts is up to you! Are you finding it hard to keep motivated – especially with the holiday season upon us? Do you find yourself going strong and then BAM!  Something comes up and it takes a lot to get your motivation back on track.  The…

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