Whose Shoes Are You Walking In?

Your customers, (this includes those that have not bought anything from you but who have read your blog and subscribed to your newsletter or visited your website) look to you for help, motivation, advice, entertainment, and valuable information.

To really do this effectively you have to walk in your customers shoes.

Everyday I encounter businesses that really miss the mark on this.

One way to really get this is to BE your customer.  Go to your website, cruise it like a potential customer, sign up for your optins. Even better, get your friends, colleagues, and those that work for you to do the same.  Have them document what they see and how they feel during the experience.  There’s a lot to be said about doing this. In fact there’s a huge business that focuses just on that and it’s called “mystery shoppers,” having someone pose as a potential customer and they document their experience. This works well in bricks and mortar places like dentist offices or doctor’s offices.  By doing this, you will be very surprised by the results.  In fact, you could take it one step further and create a short survey for anyone to answer who you ask to go to your website, your newsletter, etc., and get them to document their experience on your survey. For more information about surveys and how to use them to make more money in your business— www.CreateAmazingSurveys.com

What I would recommend is that you start paying closer attention to your own everyday encounters with other businesses, colleagues, bosses, or clients that are either less than satisfactory or extremely pleasant. Really be aware of your own thoughts and reactions when you are annoyed or frustrated or if you find yourself very impressed.

Anytime you encounter something that starts to make the little hairs on the back of your head stand-up, stop and think about why.  What is causing your reaction?  It could be something that seems to be very small but is in actuality significant.

Maybe you are trying to download a free report and you are being asked to fill out a lengthy form to get it.

Or you sent and email to someone and they only responded back with one or two words because they are on their mobile device.

Or you get asked for your zip code at a particular store every time you buy something, even a pack of gum.

Or you visit a website for the first time and immediately get a popup asking you to rate your experience before you even have a chance to look at the site.

Now think about what the other party could have done to make the encounter better for you and really make you eager to return or do business with them again.

Could they have given you just a bit more information that would have been helpful?  Could they have answered your question themselves rather than just pointing you to a document
or FAQ?

Could they have listened to you more carefully to better understand your situation?  Could they use less jargon on their web page to make it easier to understand?

Now go back to your own business and look at every place you interact with your customers, colleagues, bosses, employees, and others.  Really pay attention to how you present
yourself, your information, and advice.  Are you really providing the best possible experience?  Are you really avoiding the mistakes and behavior that annoy you when you are the customer?

Don’t make yourself difficult to do business with.

Let’s face it.  Standards seem to be dropping everywhere you go.  The real key to creating a successful business is paying close attention to what your customer’s experience is with your business…  This is a real opportunity for you to shine and create an amazing experience for your customers.  That is the best way to stand out from your competition and create a much more successful business.

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Do You Truly Connect With Your Clients & Prospects?

One of the biggest mistakes I see in marketing is the idea that advertising is purely a numbers and branding game. If you can get enough people to see your name or your product, you’ll eventually get the sale, right?


Many companies waste millions of dollars on marketing because they ignore a vital part of the process: Truly Connecting with your clients on a deeper level.

I’ll let you in on another one of those marketing secrets that isn’t really a secret… Getting other people to talk about you is much more powerful than anything you can say about yourself. That’s the reason people research a product before they buy it. They want to see what their peers think of whatever you’re selling.

“Word of mouth” advertising is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. A recommendation from a friend will dramatically increase the odds of someone giving you and your product a chance. Hence social media marketing is really huge right now. So many companies and small businesses are now using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to connect with their clients.

So how do you use social media and how do you get people to spread the word about you and your products?

You simply connect with them and give terrific content and help them. You can do this by asking questions, (or doing an online survey) to find out what makes them tick. This is really huge to understanding your clients’ wants, needs, hopes, and fears. Don’t just promote yourself.  It’s called social media because it’s a conversation, which means you talk, ask questions, comment, AND you LISTEN .

Show them how you understand their problems and then let them know how your product or services will help solve those problems. Then let them know who you are. Don’t just get them invested in your product, get them invested in you.

Once they care about you and your product, they’re part of the team. When you connect to them on a deeper level, your success will matter to them.

Simply put, if they like you, they’ll want to help you.

And that enthusiasm is addictive. When a friend sees how excited they are about you and your product, that friend will start to become excited.

And here’s the best part: All you really need to do is BE YOURSELF, reveal to them about who you are, what your favorite hobbies are, your favorite foods, if you have a cat, dog, etc.  People love to connect with like-minded people.  Don’t be a big stuffy company, or business.  Speak to them as one person, don’t use corporate speak anymore, just be yourself!  When you do, they’ll either love you or not. And guess what, that’s OK.  You’re doing your job if you’re repelling some people, I know this is hard for some people to get, but it’s the truth. So work on that, it’s ok if not everyone likes you.  For those that don’t, there are tons more who do…. Go forth and create some great connections and let me know how you make out!

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