Don’t be afraid of your “super powers…”

I’m dumbfounded by the number of people I meet and work with who take so much of their talent for granted. They take their own knowledge for granted and assume everyone else has the same knowledge that they have. Time and time again, I run across this, and I’m not excluded from this category either. I think I’ve gotten much better over the years in really recognizing my knowledge (or as my Executive Coach calls “my super powers.”) in certain areas, how it’s useful, how I can help others, and even how I can package and sell some of it.

We did a great exercise at our Mastermind meeting, where we had to list our “superpowers.” This was really fun and kind of cool. By “super powers” I mean things that you’re really good at above all else. You ought to get your pen out right now and try this, I dare you. Some examples could be- you’re a stellar writer, you’re a fantastic editor, you’re a great listener, you can add big numbers in your head, etc.


Photo Caption: Shannon & Batman at the 2007 Marketing Superconference

My list started out with only 1 thing, then the more I thought, the more I wrote. Not that you need more than one, but I bet you everyone has at least 3 or 4. I’ll let you in on one of mine, which is X-ray vision into people’s businesses. This means being able to assess someone’s business or situation and give them some concrete solutions to help them right away. I have an uncanny ability to zone in on the problem areas in people’s marketing of their business and will give quick, easy steps to fix them.

So think of something that you do really well, something you’re really good at and that you love to do, and write it down. Knowing what your “super powers” are will greatly enhance your skills and how you do business. Having this laser focus will get you one step closer to bringing your business to that next level.

Before I end, I just wanted to say that after last week’s blog, I received quite a few emails from folks. Shielding myself from negative news and negative people really hit a cord with many of you. In fact, I even found a cool website you can check out that only talks about “and now for the good news.” Click on the link and see for yourself. I think it’s a wonderful idea and needs to be passed on. So feel free to share this link with as many people as you think would enjoy it!

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