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Now for something a little different…

Have you ever gotten a new technology “toy” to play with and find yourself using it a lot because it’s so easy and fun? And yes I did use the words toy, easy and fun all in reference to technology. This certainly could be an anomaly because most technology certainly isn’t easy or fun, especially when it comes to computers.

Yet, there is a very cool shining star in stores right now that’s my favorite new, fun and easy technology toy. It’s called a Flip. Some of you may have already heard about it. In fact my favorite tech editor David Pogue from the New York Times just did an article and video about it. You can check out his article to discover more or just read on…

A flip is this sleek, new, and simple-to-use video camera. So, with my new flip in hand, I’ve been videoing everything. (It takes 2 double AA batteries, holds 30 minutes of video, and is about $114 on Amazon.) Mainly, I’ve been videoing our new 8-month-old puppy, Lily. (She’s a Golden Shepherd that we rescued.) OfThe Flip course, everyone thinks their dogs are cute and funny, and of course she is! The best part of Flip is that it’s SO EASY to upload the file from my camera to my computer. It has a simple USB port and downloads in a snap.

In fact, I was so excited and motivated (I also found I had Moviemaker on my computer.) that I created a YouTube account for Lily and uploaded my latest creation. Warning: If you’re not an animal lover, don’t watch this video. Now, here’s the best part- you can actually use this for your business! Yes, you can get one of these little cameras and start using it to tape your video testimonials or interview people for your website. Second warning- I’m no Spielberg, so don’t expect an award-winning creation. Yet, I do promise you’ll smile.

The kicker is that you can go to YouTube right now, register a channel for yourself, and start uploading videos. There are so many things you can do with this to drive traffic to your website. I know many information marketers who have their own channels and have tons of videos up there that give lots of value to their clients for free. So go check out YouTube, have some fun with it, and think of the new possibilities. In fact, posting my video of Lily inspired me to create my own channel for my business. My next step is to upload some value-added marketing videos, so be on the lookout. In the meantime, go get this new technology toy, have some fun, and maybe you’ll even think up some great new ideas to help you in your business! P.S. More Lily videos to come 🙂

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