5 Proven Ways to “Boost” Your Response From Your Marketing Efforts

While d7da59087-3fd1-4ff2-9b64-258fa80f054briving back in the pouring rain from Mike Capuzzi’s Response Boosting Workshop in Philadelphia, it dawned on me that the pounding rain on my windshield was much like all the ads I get bombarded with each and every day online and offline.  (The fact that my windshield wiper blade broke in mid-trip didn’t really help me see better either! Good thing Philadelphia is only 90 minutes from my house.)  It was a fantastic thing, to attend Mike’s workshop. Because I left there with boatloads of information on how to increase my response rate for my marketing.

Since we are being bombarded by ads each and every day, much like the rain pounding on my windshield, as marketers of our business, we have to find a way to get through the rain/clutter and get your message through to your prospect.  And it’s not only getting through to them, it’s also then getting them to take that next step, whether it’s to contact you, sign up for your free offer, or buy your product.Mike Shannon

So how do you get through that clutter and get more people to respond to your marketing efforts?

1)     Know your ideal client – This one is huge, you have to really know who you’re communicating to in your marketing. And not just know their age, you need to know what keeps them awake at night. You need to know their challenges, their hopes, their fears, and their emotional hot buttons.  Then, you need to speak to them in all of your marketing, like when you are writing your copy, your headlines…  just about everything.  Here are some examples of emotional hot buttons: (These speak to why people buy.)

  • Avoid Pain
  • Avoid Loss
  • Avoid Missing out
  • Be Popular
  • Be Unique
  • Make Money
  • Protect Their Reputation
  • Save Time
  • Gain Attention

2)     Looks do Matter – Your copy should be laid out in such a way that it’s attractive for the reader.  In fact, your typefaces online are different than for offline copy.

  • Offline Ads, sales letters, cards, etc., to be printed – It’s best to use serif fonts like Garamond, which is the best, then Times Roman. A serif font has things coming off the letters.  Most newspapers use Times Roman or Courier.
  • Online web copy – Sans serif copy works best and is more readable on the screen. The best fonts are Arial and Verdana and a 12-point size work best.

3)     Your Copy Ought to be Personal – This is really big, the more personal your copy is, the more people will open your direct mail, read your emails, and respond.  Some examples of making it personal – always use the reader’s first name, use a handwriting font to make it look like a personal note, and use copy doodles (handwritten drawings that make your copy stand out). Also, connect with your audience and share something about yourself. Ask them questions, get to know them, and build a relationship with your prospects BEFORE you try to sell them anything.

4)     Why won’t they buy – Do you know your prospect’s objections to why Shannon Bill Bookthey wouldn’t buy your product? This is really important. The number 1 most overlooked psychological reason why people don’t buy is that they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t believe that they can make whatever you offer work for them.  There are many ways to overcome this according to Bill Glazer, President of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle and author of Outrageous Advertising. (This is an awesome book, a must-have in your library if you do a lot of advertising, and direct mail and wants to get your letter opened!) The best one is to write down all the reasons why people won’t buy and focus on your prospects, NOT your product.

5)     Build a Relationship – This goes back to number 3, it’s not about so much “selling” your prospects, but it’s about building a relationship and adding value.  It’s been proven that people will eventually buy from you over time.  So your job is to connect with your prospects at least once a month and be in touch with them on a regular basis, adding value to their lives.

There are a lot of great ideas in this post, so don’t get overwhelmed, just pick one of these things and do it today. These ideas are proven and they work, so now just go ahead and implement, one, two, or maybe even three of them!

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