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Here’s the 1 Thing That Will Help You Get More Clients…

Searching for the magic bullet can sometimes be an elusive struggle. However, I think I’ve found just 1 thing above all others that I’ve done in my business that’s helped me create an endless stream of new clients. I know because I’ve used it over and over again and guess what – it works!

So what is it?  It’s sending out a PRINTED newsletter every month to my clients, prospects and colleagues. I’ve been doing it for the past 4 years and it’s the one thing that over and over again has proved its worth in getting many new clients.

The key here is that I’m connecting and communicating with my people on my list on a REGULAR basis; this is huge.  They see me every month and know what I’m up to, because in these economic times the old adage of “out of sight, out of mind” is SO true.  And creating your own monthly newsletter doesn’t have to be very sophisticated. In fact, my newsletter is only 1 sheet of paper, printed on the back and the front, that’s it.  Honestly, the big thing for my list is that I print and mail it each month. Let’s face it – we don’t get a lot of mail anymore, so when my newsletter arrives they read it! Go figure… Not sure email newsletters get the same open rate as my print one. Maybe. 🙂

So here are some big tips for you when you get started and put your newsletter together:

  1. Send it out consistently EVERY month and even on the same date.  This is really big – consistency is huge. If you stop sending it or aren’t committed to doing it monthly, then my advice is just don’t do it.  You will hurt yourself in the long run if you come out with it every once in a while; when it’s not consistent, it creates mistrust.  So I need to reveal something big and get it out on the table right now — YES, I’ve done this very thing. And I’m not proud to say it, but I am honest. I’ve done my newsletter now for the past 4 years and never missed a month until August of this year. I had so much going on and was out of town almost the whole month, so I decided to take a break. Well, then what happened next was I had some major life events in September (Those I’ll reveal and talk about in my October newsletter, so if you’re not on my list, you can sign up here) and I never got my newsletter out in September. I was trying to make it happen, but it’s October. So now I’m getting back on track for October.
  2. Make it personal – This is also huge – to connect with your audience. So write in the first person like you’re having a cup of coffee with them.  Don’t be afraid to reveal some personal things about you, like if you have an animal, a child, husband, partner, what your hobbies are, etc.  The whole purpose is to CONNECT with your people who are reading it.
  3. Be entertaining – Don’t be afraid to be entertaining and fun. Throw in some interesting photos of your family vacation, or your dog, or your favorite quote.  People love to be entertained and have fun!
  4. Give something of value – Reveal some great tips, ideas, things that have helped you and maybe even how you’ve helped others.  Give them something they can take home and use in their business, their life… and don’t be afraid of giving too much.
  5. Promote something in it, but covertly – don’t bang them over the head with it.  This is something many people forget to do, OR they just overdo it!  So balance is key here. Yes, you can promote something, but maybe make it an insert, or put it on the back in a corner box. Don’t make you selling something the core part of your newsletter. Connect with them first, then sell them something.

I’ve done all of these and it totally works.  By having something that goes to my clients and prospects each month, I’m in constant communication with them. Plus I do send out a weekly email with a blog too, which helps. So a combination of things always works and I would recommend doing more than ONE thing. However, I know for some people just doing 1 thing is all they can get a grasp on for now.  So just do ONE thing…

So take a risk, create a newsletter and if you don’t have a list, just start with your 25 people in your contact list today, and it will totally grow over time. That’s what I did, and I have a ton more people I’m sending my newsletter to than my original 50 people.

And don’t forget – if you want an example of a newsletter (because I have to admit, I’m not fond of recreating the wheel) sign up for mine and it will give you some insight into how to create one. I mean after all, Dan Kennedy gave my newsletter a huge thumbs up, so I must be doing something right!

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