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Lessons From Launch Land…

Whenever I’m working with a client who’s launching a product, course, or service online, I always walk them through my 7-Step Soulful Marketing System.

That’s actually how you might have gotten here, on my eNewsletter list. (When you downloaded my 7-Step Soulful Marketing & Launch System Core Planner.) So I thought a quick refresher might be helpful. Especially now that I’m in the throes of my client’s 7-figure launch, all these lessons are hitting me in the face.

And oh boy, when you’re in the throes of a launch, as I talked about last week, there are some huge lessons to be learned. Plus, some terrific reminders—Even for me, after doing them for over 17 years.

Technology and information have changed, especially after the pandemic, and people are consuming information differently. They don’t want long, over 60-minute videos unless you engage them like your favorite episode of Manifest or The Crown. They want short 20 – 30 minute bite-size pieces with summaries, highlights, and “just tell me what to do stuff!”

When you’re thinking and planning your online launch — These steps are your core planning tools that will create your success roadmap.

The most important thing to get right first is to:

Get REALLY Clear On Your “WHO.”

Using my 7-Step Soulful Marketing System – that’s…

Step 1 – Defining Your Dream Client. Who’s your dream client you want to work with, guide, coach, inspire, and significantly impact their business and life? What are the hopes, dreams, and desires? Why are they fearful of, frustrated with, and what paralyzes them from moving forward? This and so much more! When you get this right, the following steps fall into place. When you don’t get this right, your launch can fail quite miserably. (Remember, I’m your guide, speaking from experience. 🙂

Next, Focus On The “WHAT.”

Step 2 – Clarify Your services, course, product, etc. – Figure out WHAT you will sell on your launch.

Step 3 – Create Your Juicy Offer – Lots goes into this. You need really hone in and clarify WHAT your offer is, how it will be delivered. Your offer is what you’re selling, all the pieces of it, AND a very important piece is what your bonuses are. They need to be so good that some folks will buy from you JUST to get to your bonuses. Plus bonuses can also answer objections that people might have to buying your product, course, or service.

Step 4 – Determine Their Investment – What will your price be for your offer? And remember, it’s not a COST — it’s an INVESTMENT in themselves for taking the next important step in their work or life, and an investment in you, your company, for trusting you to get them to where they want to go, do, be, or have.

And once you have that…

Then Focus On The “HOW.” It’s about how you will launch what you’re selling.

Step 5 – Map Your Marketing Path – How will you connect and reach your dream prospects? Are they already on your list? Do you need to find them? Can you ask an affiliate or colleague to promote it for you?

Then the last two steps will automatically unfold from the first 5 –

Step 6 – Crafting Your Core Message – When you do all your homework and research on Step 1 – you will flesh out a lot of core messaging and language to reach your dream clients.

Step 7 – Rallying Your Raving Fans – Getting testimonials that speak to your dream client’s objections and also how it helped them transform.

In my experience:

  • The “HOW” is only important ONCE you map out the “WHO” and the “WHAT.” So many people get this backwards.

It’s not just about using tactics. It’s about creating a strategy, knowing your goals, and deciding the best tactics to help you get there. Maybe it’s buying social media ads, doing a webinar, or an online product launch.

When it comes to the “HOW” — It’s honestly about you uncovering and knowing your strengths and weaknesses about what you love and what you despise doing to promote and market your business.

If you don’t like video, don’t do it. You can sell without doing it. Yeah, the experts will tell you that you’ll get more sales with it, AND, if you don’t like doing it and feel you aren’t very good at it, this will hurt more than help your sales.

This leads to — Whatever way you decide to promote, communicate to build your list, and make sure you like or even love it.

For example, I love to write. So doing this weekly newsletter for many years every week is a commitment. Don’t do if you don’t like to write and won’t keep your promise.

When deciding how you want to engage and connect with your dream prospects – The worst thing is not doing it inconsistently. People want to know, like, and trust you. And when you promise them that you’ll be in your inbox each week, and if you start missing weeks, that builds distrust. And they will stop engaging with you – whether it’s not reading your posts, not opening your emails, etc.

This is why it’s sooo important to know your strengths and what you love and loathe to do when it comes to marketing, promotion, connecting, and engagement.

If you want some guidance to grow a more sustainable business, the best thing you can do is work with a like-minded experienced coach, mentor, or marketing strategist. Join groups or events where you can learn more about marketing your business, who your dream clients are, and when it comes to getting new clients, build and leverage your relationships.

Create tremendous free value and connection with your dream clients and prospects. Then you can be bold and give them the offer to work with you and invest in your course, product, or book.

Next steps – if you want to learn more about my 7-Step Soulful Marketing System – you know what to do here. 🙂

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I’m also a coach, consultant, and mentor of over 17 years in online marketing and launching. If you want to discover more about how to create a better connection with your dream prospects and how to personalize your marketing and come from a place of integrity to create your incredibly successful business—Grab a slot on my calendar.

Even if you’re skeptical – I’ve helped hundreds of folks on these calls, and honestly, there were many folks who decided they weren’t ready to work with meAnd I love that because that’s not what these calls are about. It’s about taking 60 minutes out of your day to let me look at your business and give you at least 3 things that will significantly impact it.

Try me. 🙂

Happy August! Wow, is it me, or did summer just fly over like a fighter jet in action?! We’re hunkered down here in Northern CA for the month of August, and I gotta say, Emma, the spoiled pup, is loving it. So if you’re not into dogs, don’t scroll down and see all the pics of Emma. 😉 (Well not a lot of traveling leads to lots of pics of Emma)

Quote I’m Pondering:

If you could give someone two things to help them…
“…Gratitude and letting go. Gratitude for everything, not just the things we consider good or a blessing. And letting go of everything we can’t change.” ~Melody Beattie, More Language of Letting Go

Powerful Mantra to InspireNOTE: I’ve used this to help with my launches and working with clients. I truly believe connecting to a higher consciousness, or a conscious collective, has helped me on my journey:

“I need these materials to reach the people who need it, want it, and can invest in it, and will benefit so the energy can reach its target – it’s always a success for us and our customers…”

What I’m Reading (rereading):

The Power of Story by Jim Loehr

Weekly Photos:
Yeah it’s all about Emma todayShe actually got up on my office chair – she’s never done that before. I think she was tired of me toiling away at my desk at all hours for this launch. Next pic — of course she’s the ultimate velcro, or lap dog. Look at how she crosses her paws – had to snap that.

Then check out the full moon this morning. Took this on my early morning walk with Emma. I honestly didn’t think it would come out. I mean just wow. I took that with my iPhone 13.

Emma and I being silly. She loves to jump on the bar chair and watch my spouse cook, so I hung out there with her – worth a fun selfie. And lastly, our sunrises are still pretty sweet this summer. I love how the clouds mixed with the sun look like streaks across the sky. And yep, of course the wonder dog, is in that pic— checking for deer.

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