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What’s my secret? Are you up for the challenge?

moneyincomputerI get asked this question a lot – “What’s your secret to marketing implementation and getting so much accomplished for yourself and your clients?” I love this question because it really gets to the heart of people’s frustrations on getting things done, whether it’s finishing writing a book, article, or creating a new product or service. Let’s face it, taking action can be challenging and sometimes even frustrating, I know, I’ve been there struggling myself, many times.

So, what’s my secret? Well, first it’s creating my plan of action. What is it I’m trying to accomplish? Is it creating a product, writing a book, or maybe launching a product. Once I figure out the goal I want to accomplish, I then put together a marketing plan, product launch plan or action plan. I actually talked at length about this in my last post, check it out here

Once you have a plan, then you need to pick one step that you are 42-15650488willing to take right now to move towards getting this goal accomplished. I’d recommend a small step, not a real big one. In fact, there’s a disease that I sometimes suffer from, and it’s often termed as “analysis paralysis.” I’d take forever analyzing my new idea and going over and over it, and being overwhelmed because there was so much to do and I was paralyzed by this. So, what really helped me was breaking down what I wanted to accomplish into much smaller steps that I could manage and work my way towards accomplishing my goal.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what your goals are, or what you want toAbacus Girl accomplish, here is something that has helped me and works for my clients: do an assessment of your business and where you are right now with your marketing. This is incredibly helpful because it gives a really good snapshot of where you are with your business, what kind of marketing you’ve done, what’s working and what’s not working. It also gives us a great place to know what needs to be done in order to improve your marketing right away so we can make some changes to see a more positive outcome for your business.

Some questions that will help you assess your marketing:

Some questions that will help you assess your marketing:

1) What product or service do you deliver? Describe it.

2) Who is your ideal customer? Describe them.

3) Why do they need you?

4) Why would your customers want or need your product or service? Describe a scenario.

5) Why would a customer choose you over your competitors?

6) What’s working right now in your marketing?

7) What’s not working in your marketing?

8) What would you like to do differently in your marketing to create more prospects/clients?

Once you answer these questions, you’ll have a much better picture of where you are and what you need to do to increase your prospects/clients and keep moving forward. The real key here is to assess your business, come away with some clear goals and direction of what you want to accomplish. Then, put together an action plan, figure out what you can do versus what you can outsource to others, then take some small steps to get yourself on your way to taking massive action towards your goals.

I’ll leave you with this inspiring quote – “If you have great ambition, take as big a step as possible in the directions of fulfilling it, but if the step is only a tj0438371iny one, don’t worry if it is the largest one now possible.” -Mildred McAfee Horton, former President of Wesley College

So, go take a step, any step. Take action and you’ll be on your way, moving closer and closer towards accomplishing your goals for 2009. And follow my lead – one of my 2009 goals is to act on my plans – to post my blogs each week. I can do it and so can you! Are you up for the challenge?


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