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How to break through all the “noise” and SELL something!

This time of the year is particularly difficult to get your message across because we’re bombarded by a larger volume of messages than probably any other time of the year. Everyone, it seems, is trying to “cash” in on Christmas and the holidays. I mean you can’t blame them, it is the most profitable time of the year. I’ve spoken to some business owners who tell me they make 50% or more of their income from the year at Christmas time. Yikes, that could make or break your company.

Well, that’s why I decided to write this article because I’d love to help you “break-through” the “noise” and the clutter to make some sales.  And I’d love to see you making money throughout the year, not just during the holidays…

Here are some tips on how to get “heard.”

  1. Multiple messages works best! No matter if you’re using email or snail mail or a combination of media.  Your best bet is more messages work. I know, I know, you think people will opt out of your list if you keep emailing them.  Well the real truth is, if you communicate with them on a  more regular basis, not just when you want to sell them something, they’re  more likely to respond.
  2. Give them a reason or incentive to respond. I know for a fact this one works because I’ve used it and helped other use it too.  And I’ve actually done my holiday shopping from merchants who are sending me incentives to buy their products.  For example, I just ordered a bunch of gifts from, my favorite cookie company. And they emailed me a discount code. If I ordered more than $250, I’d get $75 off.  Now how could I pass that up? And they also sent me a code for free shipping if I ordered by a specific date.  This stuff works!  Plus I actually got more presents this year from because they kept giving me discounts and free shipping.  Giving away incentives and rewards to shop is huge and it REALLY Works.  I actually sifted and sorted through my email to find these.  So big note – incentives work, so use them!
  3. Timing is everything. So if you combine multiple messages with an incentive, and get it to your prospects at the right time, you can make money.  So ensure your timing is good for your offer and that your prospects get it. Which leads me to number 4 —
  4. Subject headers are huge.  If you’re getting your message out through email, you better have a subject header that catches my attention.  The one subject header that annoys the heck out of me is the weekly email newsletter where the subject header is basically the same every week. Well how am I going to know the difference in all of these?  So I unfortunately hit “delete.”  So don’t be in this segment of emails. Always write an interesting, curious and provoking subject header. Or at the very least – put the incentive in the subject header like Lands End and Cheryl’s Cookies – “40% off one day only- open up”. Don’t you think a subject like this would get a better open rate?  Yes, it does… AND, negative subject headers get opened 10 times more than positive ones.  So if your subject header says “bad news,” I’ll guarantee a terrific open rate.

So to recap, you have to make your offer – and what you’re selling – stand out from the crowd.  One last idea I’d recommend is communicating with your prospects more regularly, create a relationship with them. Email them weekly and give them things of real value, don’t just “sell” them something in every communication. Make your communication interesting, informative, entertaining and valuable.

And if you want to real hints on how to do that, I’d totally recommend creating a survey and sending it out to your list. Why not ask them what they want to learn about and what’s bothering them and what interests them. For more, check out my free webinar I did last week.  Here’s the link: I give you a ton of great information and a PDF Create Amazing Surveys Flow Chart too. I walk you through step by step on how you can create and use a survey in your business right now that will help you create better selling product, will help you communicate with your list AND will help you get on target with creating and offering things that they want and need!

Hope you and your loved ones have an amazing holiday!

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