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A unique perspective on growing your business from an AI

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I’m addicted to learning. It just fuels me.

And one of my favorite things to do is share some of the stuff I’m learning with you.

I’m sure you’ve seen and maybe even read the big hubbub around AI. It’s just exploding. People are comparing it to the launching of the internet or the creation of the automobile. Hmmmm.

I mean, it is kind of groundbreaking, yet it’s still very much in its infancy.

So why care about AI? And what could it mean for your business?

I’ve shared some info about it in a couple of previous emails, in case you missed them.

From all my experiments and what I’m using it for, I’m finding 3 things.

  1. It’s helping me create and formulate ideas faster.
  2. Giving me more context and options for copy and ideas.
  3. Guiding my words to be more impactful and think bigger.

Let me give you two concrete examples to show you what I mean.

I’m creating a new course. My challenge is that I’m so close to the information and have so many ideas I was just stuck and basically avoided it for a while.

Until I decided to put some information into Typing Mind, which is like an interface that talks to ChatGPT. What I like about Typing Mind, not to get too techie and geeky, is that it interfaces with ChatGPT and actually can access the internet.

Plus, you can choose what “character” you want to connect with to ask for guidance – a marketing expert, life coach, mindfulness coach, personal trainer, and more. You can also create your own. I created an expert book reviewer and a strategic online soulful marketer. 🙂

Once I created my prompts, I kept refining the information it gave me until it created an outline that totally rocked and even gave me a good name for the course too. (Screenshot of what the home page of the site looks like. It’s not free, yet it’s very reasonably priced. )

Another example of how I used AI is by going to to find out what it thought about my business – if it was viable long term, and to give me more ideas to grow it. One of the best parts is that it will create your Business/Marketing Plan.

It’s a truly amazing tool. What it gave me for free was pretty stellar. And, of course, I went for the upsell to get access to the full business and marketing plan for $49.

If you want to see if it thinks your current business is viable and how to grow it, or have a new business idea and want to get help to see if it has legs, I’d highly recommend The screenshot below is an example of what you need to input to validate your business idea and get your marketing plan.

It gave me a vision, my competition, my dream client’s pain points, behavior, more ways to launch it, what the best messaging channels are, KPIs to measure, and even how to pitch my business to investors and more – whoa.

Here’s an example of how it defined my vision –

“In five years, we will have built a thriving community of mindful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in the world through their businesses. We will have expanded our services to include coaching and consulting and will be recognized as a leader in the industry for our unique approach to marketing.”

Well, that’s pretty close to my vision, And it validated where I want to grow my business – pretty cool.

Then, my favorite was how it gave me some ideas I hadn’t thought of to monetize my business even more.

The only information I had to give it was to describe my business to them in a certain number of words, and the AI did the rest. (The screenshot below is my summary and a partial list of the information it will give you.)

The results were a 43-page report from an AI that validated my business and gave me so much information to grow it that would not have been heard of even 3 – 4 years ago and now can be done in a matter of seconds – just wow…

And as I’ve said before, it’s just a tool. It won’t replace you! The key is to learn how to use it to your advantage.

Remember that one of an entrepreneur’s biggest issues is never having enough time. It’s the one thing you won’t ever get more of.

Yet, you can always “buy” time by outsourcing to experts, getting guidance from a coach, or using a tool like the ones I’ve shared to help you formulate clearer messaging, give you some unique ideas, and guide your vision of how to monetize, or something else entirely.

I’d highly encourage you to check out (And no, I’m not an affiliate or partner. I’m just someone who loves to share some cool stuff that will help you :-).

If you want to discover more or have questions about these tools, hit reply. I’m always happy to share what I’ve learned with you.

And I know you got this – and remember, you always have me as your marketing resource. 🙂

Quote I’m Pondering:

“Enthusiasm can make things 1,100 percent better.”

~ David Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big.

Two Powerful Mantras to Inspire:

“The universe is now paying me to do what I really love.”
“I am receiving plenty of money for doing exactly what I want to do.”

~ Shakti Gawain – Reflections in the Light – Daily Thoughts and Affirmations.

What I’m Reading:

The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur
by Christine Kane

Weekly Photos:

This is the month of all things celebration for us – Alice’s Birthday, our 4 year anniversary and Pride month. We’re heading to Pride in Sacramento this weekend so I will share some fun photos next week. Until then, here’s a glimpse of the amazing snail I found eating grass. They are such funny looking creatures.

The neon Happy Birthday sign turned out pretty cool – thank you Amazon Vine. And some other choice shots of Emma and the interesting cloudy June weather we’re having that makes for some good photos.

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