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What’s all the Fuss About and Content Anyway?

Having a blog should be a key part of your strategy to drive traffic to your website.  Search engines love blogs because they are so timely and are constantly adding things to keep folks informed and up-to-date.

Yet, here’s the deal: if your content isn’t any good, all the search engine results in the world will not help you.  You really have to develop your valuable content first. High quality content is crucial to fuel your business and increase traffic to your website.  Content alone can entice the reader to check out your website and return for more.

Therefore the content you deliver must be valuable, giving helpful tips and tricks, ideas on ways to improve___,  you know all those simple easy things to make your life a bit easier and your business that much more successful. Hopefully you already have great content on your website. But how do you get organic traffic to view this amazing information?

Here’s one simple way that I have used very successfully and recommend for you:

Yours truly and Chris Knight!

Write articles and post them on the different article websites like (In fact I just met Chris Knight, CEO of at an event I just managed for Alex Mandossian and T. Harve Eker called Ultimate Internet Boot Camp 2.0 in Las Vegas. He’s such a nice guy and filled with amazing ideas and just really a genuine soul.)

Yes, there are many, many sites to post articles.  Some are general and have many categories of articles.  Many others are very niche oriented and you can probably find one or two good ones for your particular niche through a quick Google search.

The thing I love about, not just that Chris is a terrific guy, but that he has millions of articles and he gets loads of traffic to his site daily!  AND you can go to his site, find articles and refer to them on your blog, or EVEN post them on your blog as long as you give the author a byline.

So something to keep in mind about articles is they don’t have to be a book. We’re talking about 400 words or so where the content is what is important and about teaching and adding value.

Remember: Your goal here is not to tell the reader everything you know about the topic or to educate them completely.  Your only goal is to show the reader you have knowledge on the topic, give them some tips and some value, as well as entice them to go to your blog in order to learn more.

You are the expert about your business so write that way. You have valuable information to share – that is your content. And at the end always include your name and website address, a sure fire way to bring traffic to your business.

Here’s a bonus, I’d encourage you to check out and look into being a premium member, it’s not a whole lot of money and you get huge benefits.  One cool thing is when you get to the point of having a ton of articles on there you can acquire diamond level status as an author like Alex Mandossian has among others, something to aspire to.

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