• growing your business with AI

    A unique perspective on growing your business from an AI

    If you’ve been on my email list for a while, you know how much I’m addicted to learning. It just fuels me. And one of my favorite things to do is share some of the stuff I’m learning with you. I’m sure you’ve seen and maybe even read the big hubbub around AI. It’s just exploding. People are comparing it to the launching of the internet or the creation of the automobile. Hmmmm. I mean, it is kind of groundbreaking, yet it’s still very much in its infancy. So why care about AI? And what could it mean for your business?

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    How to set yourself up for success everyday

    It’s officially six months into the year. It’s half over, or as I like to look at it – there’s half the year left. 🙂 It’s also a terrific time to pause for a moment, reflect, and reevaluate where you are regarding your goals this year. The calls I’ve been on lately with clients have been focused on wanting guidance to boost their productivity and being better at meeting their project deadlines. Plus, they also want a better work-life balance. Is that why you became an entrepreneur? To plan your calendar, manage your time as yours, and work on things you love? I’ve written before about productivity. This time, I…

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    The biggest roadblock to your success might be… you

    Have you ever been so stressed out and disorganized that work wasn’t getting done, and you felt like you were constantly disappointing your clients? Some of what you’re feeling may be true, and some may just be your stress and fear of disappointing your clients. Yet, whatever the issue is – you still feel like that – what can you do about it? This was me back when I first started my online strategic marketing and launch business. I was running by the seat of my pants most of the time. And I constantly bought new products, attended live in-person events, and was a learning machine. Yet, a lot of the…

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    What do ChatGPT, virtual events, and blank screens all have in common? Hmmmm

    A couple of weeks ago, I attended a live virtual 3-day event – Product Launch Formula (PLF Live). I attended this event in person many times until the pandemic hit, and as you know – there weren’t any more in-person live events. And the people behind this event decided to keep it as a virtual event. I get it because they never were able to get more than around 900 people in-person. Virtually at this event, they had almost 2k people attend from all over the world. What do you think about virtual events? Have you attended a 3-day online one before? I honestly don’t like them. The thought of…

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    Got A Question? Need Some Guidance?

    What I’ve learned over the many years in business working with clients is that they always come to me with something specific that they need help with. It’s usually something like – All of these issues above have one thing in common – They all need guidance on one project or one tactic. In my experience, I’ve found something very interesting when an entrepreneur comes to me for help with one thing — nine times out of ten; it’s not just the one thing they need help with. Or the one thing will entail lots of other things that need to be done… That’s why I always ask more questions on our…

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    My Business Failed… A Confession

    When I started out 17 years ago as an entrepreneur, it definitely was a bit of a bumpy ride. Having come off, the heals of corporate America, there seemed to be so much to do to get my business off the ground. And back then, we had the internet. Yet, we certainly didn’t have all the tech – apps we have today. A quick refresher — Facebook and Twitter were in their infancy (Both were open to the public in 2006 – the year I started my business.) and definitely not the behemoth they are today. Instagram was just a flicker in someone’s mind, and the tech for Tik Tok…

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    What type of entrepreneur are you?

    Just got off a call with a person I met online at a Trends Newsletter networking event. (If you don’t know what Trends is – I’d highly recommend you check them out. Especially if you want to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.) The funny thing is I’m not usually on these networking calls. And the only reason why I was on it was because I didn’t read the whole email. I thought it was their newsletter expert speaking – my total bad for quickly skimming that email. Please tell me I’m not the only person who’s jumped on a Zoom call thinking there was a speaker and I could be invisible — turned out…

  • Marketing Lessons I Learned from Nike
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    Is your business like Nike? Lessons from an athletic shoe company

    Last week, I shared about how your business changes over the years and how that change will impact your dream clients/customers. My core message was to ensure you connect with your power dream clients/customers and interview or give them a survey so you can take into account their needs before you implement your changes. This week, I promised to share some interesting insights from Nike (and the athletic shoe industry) – focusing on sales from a unique perspective. And how these insights can help your business. My spouse, during her college years, supported herself by working part-time at Athlete’s Foot. She was one of their top salespeople. She knows running and athletic…

  • change is inevitable
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    Change is Inevitable

    When I worked in Corporate America in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I had an amazing executive coach who I worked with for ten years. One of the things we focused on was how to deal with change, cuz at that point, I was dealing with at least two layoffs in three years. I often joked that I’d become a professional interviewer. The one quote that always stuck in my head about that time frame was, “Change is inevitable.” This is true, not just for your personal life. This is also true for your business. I guarantee over the course of your business. It will morph and change as you…

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    Marketing lessons from a popular weigh loss app

    I love looking at popular brands and then breaking down their online dream client experience to see how it works. Yeah, I’m kind of geeky like that. The fascination is not just about the how. It’s also about the who, the what, and the why too. My recent experience is with a brand you may know of – Noom. In this blog post, I want to share with you some of my discoveries about their dream client experience and how it can help you in your business. I’ve had many friends and colleagues who have raved about Noom for losing weight. I remember checking it out a while back and getting…

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    Something a bit off the beaten path than my usual blogs…

    Each week when I sit down to write my weekly eNewletter, the idea usually just comes to me at that moment. I LOVE my intuition and connection with my inner writing and marketing guide. Yet, I often wonder when you get this each week if you’re a bit disappointed that I’m not giving you enough about marketing, launching, and making money… (If you have thoughts on this – hit reply, I’d love to hear what you think.) Especially when I write an email like today’s – Something a bit off the beaten path and it’s a bit of a long story. So tuck in, or save and read later. Before I get…

  • Break through your creative barrier
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    The process of breaking through your internal barriers to creating new ideas

    I’m wondering if you’re anything like me and have a ton of books in your “Save for later” category on Amazon. You know, the books people recommend on your Zoom calls, podcasts, and Facebook groups, listed in the back of like-minded author’s books, and more. Well, I finally went through mine last week and was pretty surprised at the number of books I’ve saved. Of course, I have no clue who recommended them and why. So it was a bit of clicking and reading to figure out which ones would make it into my cart. I ordered a slew of them and just finished one that I thought was incredibly…

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    Your Words Matter – How to easily attract your dream clients

    That’s why it’s more important than ever that what you write, and share emits your personality, vision, and values and ultimately connects with your dream clients. It’s about creating a powerful connection with your dream clients based on you being you - your most authentic and transparent self. Love this quote by Oscar Wilde that definitely rings true - “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

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    What’s all the fuss about AI & copywriting?

    It seems that all the email lists I’m on can’t stop talking about AI and copywriting. Are you finding this too? (Or maybe it’s just me on too many copywriting lists!) I find it a bit fascinating. It’s like the next big thing in tech and copy – ChatGPT (GPT = Generative Pretrained Transformer – hmmm sounds very techy.) People are likening it to some kind of copywriting second coming or doomsday scenario. Saying things like… – OMG, There won’t be any jobs. – There will be a massive firing of writers. – Businesses will fail if they don’t get on board with it. You will lose out on not being up-to-date…