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If you ever procrastinate – this will help! Open up :-)

I had an interesting procrastination discovery moment this week that I wanted to share with you.

Let me give you a little background first for context—I’m working on another big launch. This one is an affiliate launch. We have over 50 affiliates that will be promoting our launch to their email lists.

When you do this type of launch, you need to give your affiliates all the promotional materials they will need to create a successful launch for everyone.

This includes creating social media graphics, email copy, and more.

One of the free lead generators for the launch is a trailer video that’s about 5 minutes long. (The other three are eBooks.) So, I thought it’d be a cool idea to create some short video clips for our affiliates and partners to use on social media to promote the trailer optin.

These clips would be one to two minutes long. I needed to get the video editing team the time code of start and stops so they could create the three new short video clips.

Yet, I kept procrastinating. Well, hint, hint, if you ever procrastinate, it’s usually one of these three things:

  1. You don’t have the knowledge or know how – You’re overwhelmed with where to start.
  2. You have the knowledge and No Time -There’s too much prep work, and you need to cut out more time to do it— so you put it off.
  3. You don’t know how to do it – You procrastinate because you need to figure how to do the task, call a friend/colleague, or search your other friend, Google or Ms. AI, to be your assistant.

Have you ever procrastinated and put something off?

Well, I’ve got something you can try if you’re up for it— next time you find ourself procrastinating, pause and try to be super aware of why you might be procrastinating.

The more you know (especially if it’s one of the three things above), the easier it will be to help you figure out a plan of action. Then, think of one simple step you take toward what you’re procrastinating about.

For me, I was procrastinating because I didn’t want to watch the videos again. (I watched hours and hours of videos to help create the original 5 minute trailer.) Then I realized I’m much better with words.

So, I created a transcript of the trailer and read it while I listened to the trailer video. That helped me tremendously. And I was able to get the task done so much faster. This made finding the time code simpler for me.

Quick Summary to Help You Overcome Procrastination:

  1. Be Inquisitive and Curious. – There’s usually a very good reason you’re putting something off. Take some time to think, be aware, and be present with what you’re thinking and feeling. Go back to the three core reasons for procrastinating and see which ones fit. Then, ask yourself what’s one small step you take toward whatever it is that you’re procrastinating about. Usually, when you take a big task and break it down into very small steps, it can definitely help you stop procrastinating.
  2. Be Compassionate With Yourself – Beating yourself up for not doing a task or not getting something done that someone else asked you to do never feels good. We may feel ashamed, upset, or angry with ourselves. Yet, this isn’t going to be helpful in the long run. Work through these feelings and get to a place of loving-kindness and compassion for yourself. Once you’ve worked through the emotions, you’ll be in a better place to focus on the next simple action step to take.
  3. Ask for Help (Colleagues, Mentor, Assistant, & AI) – Always remember if you don’t know how to do something, or maybe you do, it doesn’t mean that YOU ought to do it. Ask a colleague, Google, or an AI for help. The best thing I do is weigh out the cost of outsourcing it vs. the time and energy it’d take me to do it. I look at what my hourly rate is, and if it costs less to outsource, then it’s a no-brainer to do it.

We’re in full fall mode here in Northern CA. And in less than 82 days it will be January 1, 2024!
I want to inspire and encourage you to look over your goals, or your to do list for this year.

Find something that you’ve been procrastinating about and walk through the process above. (If you need some more inspiration, check out the P.S. below.)

See if you can take some steps to start, or maybe even finish whats on your list.
I bet you can! My hands are always at your back. 🙂

And brrrrrr it’s getting chilly up here in Northern CA. Almost time to turn on the fireplace. We just had a couple of rainstorms come through too, so it was extra chilly. Hope you are toasty warm and feeling amazing wherever you are.

Quote I’m Pondering:

No person is your enemy. No person is your friend. Every person is your teacher. ~ Adapted from The Collection Florence Scovel Shinn (Published in 1925)

Powerful Mantra to Inspire: From Your Word Is Your Wand by Florence Scovel Shinn

  • Infinite Spirit, open the way for my immediate supply. Let all that is mine by divine right now reach me in great avalanches of abundance.
  • Happy surprises come to me each day. I look with wonder at that which is before me.

Weekly Photos:
This week was just all about Emma since I’ve been walking in the dark, and hunkering down with this launch. I did manage to get some choice shots of Emma’s favorite sleeping cubby hole next to my file cabinet, printer and mound of books to read. (I finally had to put a comfy pad there for her.)

Then when the sun’s out, Emma loves to bake and get her vitamin C all splayed out on the deck… And her happy place in the morning looking for birds and lizards while I savor the morning with my first cup of coffee.

The sunrises – They get pretty spectacular in the fall in winter. Especially when the storms come in the morning as the sun rises, making for a sky filled with colorful orangey, gray brilliance.

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